Chapter 20: Return; Part 1

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Chapter 20:

He continued to caress my back as he whispered apology after apology. But my heart couldn't stand him right now. Not at all.

I pushed him away gently by his chest. "Sin, I... I think I need some time alone." I said as I moved away from him. He tried talking to Me again but I simply jumped over him and made my way out of bed.

"I need space." was all I uttered before making my way out of the room. I walked down the dimly lit stairway down towards the living room nearest to our bedroom.

I flopped on the couch, pouring some water in a glass and hastily gulping it down as though I were living in a drought. Images flashed through my head. Images I tried so hard to forget, but ever since entering this palace they seemed to haunt me every which way. And freaking Sin just had to remind me and rub the salt in the wound. Ugly ass bastard faced mate!

I closed my eyes putting my face in my hands. I was tired. But I can't sleep. My precious heart. A cold breeze hit my bare back as I stood up thinking its time to make it back up the stairs. Stretching, I began walking towards the stairs case. The lights shut off and I stopped dead in my tracks. The breeze hit my back as shivers ran down My spine.

"you're mine Iliza. No one else's." this couldn't be. No one could ever call me Iliza unless it was... Him.

I stood for a moment, before bolting up the stairs. Every step that I took felt heavy. I felt a grip on my arm, stopping me with a hard blow. I turned as his emerald green eyes were locked in mine.

"we meet again Iliza" he said with a wicked smile.

Just as I was about to opened my mouth he pulled me to him locking our lips together. I struggled trying to pull away as his filthy hands held my mid back. In a tight hold.

Just then the lights switched in as tears rolled my eyes trying to get out of his grip. His eyes looked up the stairs with a hateful glare as he pulled away from me. I turned to look at Sin my face flooded with tears as his eyes held nothing but anger.

"Oh, Sin. It's been a while, am I right? How long has been since I've seen you?" he said. He's wicked green eyes glaring my mate down.

"Drop the niceties Elliot. Let go of my mate, before the last thing you see is your hands." Sin said in a threatening tone.

"Oh but, I'm here to take what belongs to me. Is that not what your mother promised me?" he said menacingly.

"Don't bluff and stalk for time Elliot. We know where this is going. Now, I'm not going to repeat myself again. Release my mate."

"But Sin, did she not tell you that she became mine once I mated with her. She became my one and only. You can have everything Sin, especially not when it comes to sweet Iliza here."

I took this as a chance to bite his hand that gripped in my wrist. He screams in agony as I got loose and ran towards Sin as he held my hand pulling me behind him.

" Iliza princess, you've become more cunning haven't you? I'll need to teach you a lesson. But no worries I'm not hurrying. Time will tell how this story plays out. Sin won't always be the one to protect. Because you've forgotten he's betrayed you once, he can do it again. So be careful." he pushed his dirty blond hair back. His ear piercings coming into view.

No lie. Elliot was very good looking. But he was a freaking psychopath. He was truly sick in the head. He stood at 6 feet tall close to Sin's height. He had dirty blond hair that fell into his green eyes and his skin was a beautiful pale. If only he wasn't mad.

"DON'T THREATEN ME! ESPECIALLY WITH MY FAMILY." Sin yelled in rage. His eyes turning golden.

Elliot only stared him down. The wind whistled as silence rode in the air. A wider smile broke out on Elliot's face as he shook his head.

"I've warned you, your highness. It's up to you. But holding on to what's not yours, will make you stand on your toes. Watch your back." he said to Sin, making Sin even more angrier.

Elliot turned his back as he disappeared into the darkness. Just what was going on In his head.?

Sin looked at me. Closing his eyes Bd opening them back to his deep gray eyes.

"Are you okay my love?" he questioned. I nodded hesitantly. I mean I wasn't hurt but I was forced into a kiss. I closed my eyes taking a deep breath as sin pulled me into a warm embrace. I won't let anything happen to you.

He held me tightly. Tiny footsteps rang in our ears as I pulled away looking as to where Caitlin was coming.

"mommy? Daddy?" she questioned looking around for us as she rubbed her eyes. Her body wobbled sleepily as she continued searching for us.

Sin walked up to her and lifted her in his arms, kissing her head. "sleep princess, were here." he whispered to her lovingly.

But all that was going through my mind was Ravecca.

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