Chapter 8; To The Palace We Go

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Chapter 8:

"Sin I don't understand." I said to him in a confused tone.

"babe, we need to leave. It's absolutely urgent. It seems dad had a stroke and he's wishing to see me." he said.

"The former king had a stroke?" I questioned dumbfounded like.

"Yes, and we need to leave immediately. Pack up for both you and Caitlin. And let's get a move on." he said. I nodded and modem way up the stairs.

I opened Caitlin's room only to see her sound asleep. I opened her pretty pink closet and took out her pink dresses and spit them in a duffel bag.

When I was done I put it out the door entering my bedroom packing my clothes up. 2 gaurds came up the steps taking The bags while I got Caitlin's .

Her peaceful face was too calming I didn't want to wake her. I ran my hands through her hair and picked her up only to be stopped by Sin. He took her into her arms as he directed me out the room towards the limo.

We got in and drove our way towards the palace. The Palace I once ran away from.

The doors to the gigantic Palace opened. The limo parked in front of the palace doors. The doors opened and we walked out into the house.

Caitlin opened her beautiful eyes and yawned Sitting up in Sin's arms.

"You're awake princess." he said to her, kissing her forehead.

I laughed at the way she scrunched her face. Sin slipped his hand around my waist and directed me into the palace.

"Sin! You're home!" I heard a scream from a distance. It was Clair.

She jumped into Sin's arms in joy her brother was home. She saw Caitlin in his arms as she seemed confused. She tuned to me as her smile dropped.

"What is she doing here?" she asked, her tone losing all its emotions.

"Claire..." Sin tried to talk to her.

"No Sin! She doesn't deserve to be here! She broke you Sin, she killed your spirit. AND ON TOP OF THAT SHE Hid she was pregnant!" she yelled. Then looked towards me. "You may have deceived my brother but you won't fool me, I won't rest till you're out  of this house!" she said and walked away as the tears brimmed my eyes.

Claire and I were best friends and when I left I guess she felt betrayed. But it's not my fault I was told Sin rejected me. I heard it, and I wouldn't have left if it wasn't true.

Soon Sin's step Mom came down the Stairs. Ravecca. Sly, cunning and a snake. But overall Sin loves her and he'd believe her over anyone.

"Mom." be said as she smiled and her eyes caught mine.

"Isabella, you're here.., why?" she asked not wanting me here like Clair. She manipulates a person that even their mind isn't in their control. Why? I don't know. Sin's real Mom. Abigail was still alive but with Ravecca here she seemed invisible. She manipulated the entire house against her. Abigail was the most amazing woman I've met.

The king of this Palace had two mares and accepted both resulting him into having two wives. Abigail s the mother of Clair, Sin and his older brother Benjamin.

As for Ravecca she gave birth to two sons, Daniel and David and a daughter, Serene. As they say Jelousy runs through family, that's the exact situation here.

With the king dying and Sin taking up the position, I know for sure Ravecca won't rest till at least Daniel or David become king and for sure she'd do anything to achieve it, but I can't wrap my finger around what. What would she Do to take up the position.

Caitlin coughed bringing me out of my thoughts as I smiled at her.

I took her from sins arms and whispered into her ears. "Into the palace we go." as she giggled.


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