Chapter 27: Illusions and Reality

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Chapter 27:

Isabelle's P.O.V:

How long has it been? 4 days? one week?

I lay in my cell as the only things that echoed in my mind were:

he's not gone.

its as though my mind knows that its not true, but my heart is forcing me to believe that its true.

I lay still in my cell as the thoughts ran through my mind. I heard the keys to the door and the lock clicked as the pushed the door open and Elliot walked in.

"You haven't eaten yet again?" he said in a constrained manner.

He let out a groan and soon I let out a hitched breath as he kicked the tray in anger. "If you want to play that way, Belle, we shall play that way." he growled as he threw a kick my way. To say it hurt was an understatement. I let out no sound as he pulled at his hair in frustration. In this moment i was numb. The only thing haunting me was the fact that my thoughts had made me a killer. I was a killer. my breathing became raid as i panicked watching my hands accumulate blood.

No, its just my mind playing games, I told myself, but no matter how much I wanted to un-see it, my mind wouldn't let me. I felt sick to the core. Tired and more , restless.

Weak. is how I felt. Vulnerable is what i am right now.

Elliot let out an annoyed snarl as he walked out of the cell-room in a huff. Slowly my vision became blurred with tears. Weak. and the only thing my heart yearned for in this moment was my family.

Sin's P.O.V:

frustrated. angry. restless.

its been 2 weeks and still there was no sign of Isabelle, and my mother has done nothing but kept her damn mouth shut.

I've been annoyed to the point that even a peep from anyone in the palace, puts me on a damn rampage. Nothing felt right. Our mate bond was slowly dimming and I felt as though a part of me was being ripped and thrown away.

A knock echoed through the door as I sat on Caitlin's bed as she took her afternoon nap. I placed a kiss on her forehead. walking to the door only to see Clair breathing rapidly.

"What's wrong?" I questioned my eyebrows furrowing.

"it's father, he's beginning to breathe his last!"

For a moment my world came crashing down. Firstly I can't find my mate, and now my father is about to leave me as well. I caught sight of Yelena.

"Yelena, please watch Caitlin." I said to her as I made my way to my father quarters.

Whilst walking down the hallway, something clicked in my mind once we stood in front of my father's door.

"I think I've found a way to get mother to speak." I said to Clair.

She looked at me for a second then to the door, then her eyes widened. "you know that will break her Sin, no matter how flawed mom is, you can't just do that her." Clair said trying to reason.

"Clair, this is the only way, she will never budge if i don't take this step. Believe me, I love her, She was the one who brought me into this world, but her spite is bit too much don't you think?" i pleaded with her with my eyes.

"Sin, its going too far-" i cut her off mid sentence, my rage taking over,

"IT WENT TOO FAR THE MOMENT SHE PLANNED MY MATES DISAPPEARANCE!... don't you see I'm helpless here?" I said, my voice betraying me.

"whats going on...?" i heard my father's weak voice through the door.

Putting on a smile I walked in the room. there he lay, breathing rapidly.

"Sindevaladore." he said my name making me wince. he knew how much it bothered me, and yet he did it anyway with a smile on his face. even in his last moments...this old man.

"Father I just need to attend to something short and bring Mother along, please don't die on me whilst I do so?" I said jokingly and even though i knew how much those words weighed in the situation, there was nothing better than seeing his smile at my lame joke.

Walking out in a hurry, I rushed to my mother's cell. There she sit in the corner of the room un-harmed, Because, who in their right mind could lay a hand on their mother?

"Sin, I said I will not say anything, so leave this game and let me out." she said annoyed.

she was annoyed? if she is feeling annoyed what am i supposed to feel?

"Mother, Fathers slowly breathing his last." I said to her and her reaction is exactly as I predicted.

If there was one person in the entire world that she loved more than anything, despite him accepting both his mates, It was my father.

"Sin! Let me out, I need to see him. Open these darned doors."

"Not until you tell me where my mate is." i said.



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