Chapter 4; I Never Said 'I Reject You'

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Chapter 4:

We sat in the living room, Caitlin bounced on Sin's lap, playing with the Teddy Bear he gifted her.

It really made me happy knowing he was getting along with his daughter great, but I wished it was on better circumstances.

Caitlin yawned as her eyes grew heavy. She's had a long day it seems. "You tired Princess?" he asked as she nodded snuggling into his chest. He let out a deep chuckle and stood up.

he handed Caitlin to Yelena and turned to me. He didn't say a word, I looked down. The silence was excruciating.

"Why are you here? What happened to your palace?"  I asked him finally breaking the silence.

"my palace is still there, being run by my beta, I'm here, cause I got a hint that you were here." he said.

"Why would I concern you?" I questioned him.

"Because Isabelle, you ran away, with no valid reason. Yes, I know I was a jerk in the past, but I never rejected you!" he exclaimed. "Tell me Isabelle, did I utter the words, 'I reject you'?"  he asked as I stayed silent. "That's because I didn't, and you know it as well as I do,." he yelled.

"Sin, it's not my fault I ran away, you did what I never expected you to do, you showed through your actions that you didn't want me. So the best solution to carry out, better than to kill myself was free myself from you." I told him honestly.

"I know what I did was unforgivable, but what you did as well, running away without telling me you were pregnant, was unforgivable as well. So I ask you this. Isabelle, become my mate, my queen and be mine forever." he said as I looked at him.

"I can't trust that you've changed Sin, I just can't." I said to him.

"Let me prove it to you. Let me prove to you that I fell in love with you, let me prove to you that I want to be apart of my daughters life, let me prove to you that I've changed, I'm Not the same jackass I was back then. Please." he pleaded.

I looked away from him, my heart fluttered at his words, but my mind refused to stand with what he said. I could feel my giddy wolf, howling for her mate. But I didn't want to feel betrayed again.

Why was my life so complicated. Why was the moon goddess testing me so much and why is she still. My eyes betrayed me as they wanted to release tears.

"You, Sin, I'm giving you one chance, the tiniest slip up you make or if you make even a painful tears drop out of my daughter's eyes, you will never see us again." I said as we had a stare down.

He simply nodded, no emotion visible in his face. He looked like the sane old King Sin. It's as if he didn't age a day since I left him 4 years ago.

"Very well, Yelena will show you to your quarters, and I shall head off to my office, and Isabelle, I want us to tell Caitlin that I'm her dad, tomorrow." he said sternly as he walked off. And I guess he is still the same demanding idiot.

I shook my head and followed Yelena to a grand room. Caitlin's room was opposite mine and Sin's room next to mine. I entered the bathroom, running a warm bath. Once u was done, there were clothes placed on the bed for me. An oversized Sin shirt, and a pair of Sin boxers.

I got dressed and slipped under the covers as my mind wandered to the past. Did he really change from back then? Does he want me or is he trying to get to Caitlin through me? Knowing Sin, he's a really dense guy. He's slow when it comes to the opposite sex, but he never thinks before he acts.

My eyes began to flutter close as out conversation flashed through my mind. I really hope, I made the right decision.


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