Chapter 9; His Words That Night

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Chapter 9:

Our luggage was rolled into our bedroom. I stood in the bedroom I once called mine.

Caitlin hopped around looking at the gigantic room in awe. I wouldn't blame her, she wasn't accustomed to such huge things. She looked at me her grin wide.

Caitlin ran over to Sin, who was sitting on the bed, and tapped his knee. Sin looked down at her and smiled.

"What is it princess?" he questioned her.

She lifted her arms up. "Put me the bed pwease?" she asked her eyes looking widely at him. Who could resist.

Sin lifted her up as she giggled. He placed her on the soft bed making it difficult for her to stand. She tried but kept on falling over. She finally huffed and and looked at the bed, then at me.

I shrugged my shoulders making it look as if I couldn't see  thing. She huffed again in frustration and looked at the bed, a frown on her face.

She wobbled up and finally caught her balance and started jumping up and down on the bed. I laughed as her smile made it's way back on her chubby face.

I didn't notice Sin walking up behind me. He bent his warm breath hitting my ear. "Mom Abigail wants to see you." I couldn't not smile.

I whipped my head towards him so quickly I thought I was gonna break my neck. "really?" I piped up.

"Yes." he said making me get all giddy inside.

Abigail was like the mom I never had. My mother didn't really care about what I did, and when I became independent she dumped me, but Abigail showed me a different side to a mother a loving and caring side I thought I'd never experience.

I walked up to Caitlin taking her from the bed and making my way towards Abigail's room.

I took a deep breath and knocked onto her bedroom door. She said a faint come in and I walked into the bright bedroom. The walls we painted on together stood straight but we're fading, the flowers by the window sill still looked radiant and blossomed.

Abigail walked out from the closet and looked at me tears filling her eyes. "Isabelle? Is that you?" she asked me.

I wanted to laugh out but the tears in my own eyes were forming. I smiled and nodded.

"You've grown into a fine young woman." she looked towards Caitlin and smiled. "and is that my granddaughter?" she asked. Caitlin looked at Abigail her cheeks tinting with pink in shyness.

Abigail looked at Caitlin pushing her hair back. "You're so pretty, just like your mommy" she said and Caitlin smiled at Abigail widely.

"Come, come, child, you must tell Me where you have been all this time. Did you tell Sin about what had happened? About the exact reason why you left?"

I let out a sigh. "Mom, you know how Ravecca has got him wrapped in both mind and heart, and if I were to say anything about that night, he would never believe me, never." I said honestly.

Caitlin moved from my arms and walked towards the flowers.

"Isabelle, he has got to know. She Thought you leaving Sin would make him weak to be king, but you actually hardebed his heart making him the only one capable if becoming king." mom Abigail explained.

I know Ravecca and her thirst for power, but would she go to such lengths to do so?

"Even if it was what happen that night, Sin would never believe me." I said looking away. "Not after keeping Caitlin a secret." and honestly who would?

"But, Isabelle even I don't know the full story to the pregnancy, or how Sin never got to know. You told me that night you were going to tell him but when you came back you were shattered. What exactly happened?" she questioned me.

My mind began flashing with memories and heartache. Remembering just made me realise why I was angry at Sin. Why I ran away. I wonder if I told him why I left, would he forgive himself?

I was brought out of my thoughts with a knock on the door. Clair walked in and looked at me with hateful eyes.

"Mom, dinners ready." she said in such a cold tone even I didn't want to be myself.

Abigail excused herself and walked into the bathroom. "Why are you here?! Trying to poison mom's mind with your lies." she asked in anger.

"Clair I know you're upset, but if you had to go through the pain I went through that time you wouldn't have to be angry at me! Don't get angry at what you don't know." I sneered at her. I was not going to tolerate her behaviour.

"Oh really? Tell me, did you enjoy when you thought about how Sin felt when he entered your bedroom only to realise you were gone. You should have seen his shattered expression, and it's because of you! You hurt my brother."

"oh and your brother didn't hurt me? Please Clair for the sake of God, realise I wouldn't have to run away if there wasn't a reason." I said to her, loosing my patience.

"and what did he do?"

"Why don't you ask him, on the night of fall, under the tree on the outside courtyard, when he was speaking to Liana, what were his exact words in his drunken state that tore my life apart." I growled. She looked at me her eyes hooded in regret.

I took Caitlin's hand only to see Sin standing at the door. He stared at me intensely and I wandered my eyes away.

"What did I say?" he questioned, making my breath hitch.


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