4: Seeing Avery

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Ezra's view

Unfortunately I don't have a day off today, today I am working all day which is horrible. I had to wake up at 7 today to get ready so that I could get to work at 8.

I work in a coffee shop in the mall. It has its perks, I get discounts on everything and anything left over at the end of the day I get to take home if I want. I am going to take everything today since they made me work all day.

Around ten, I switch from being a cashier to cleaning around the shop and notice something out of the corner of my eye.

Why is Ally dragging Avery over here? Does Ally want a coffee that bad.

I notice that they are arguing about something and constantly looking in the direction of one of my coworkers who is taking a break and sitting at a table.

Then Ally pushes Avery in the direction and leaves, Avery stands there hesitantly and backs away slowly, but Ally comes back and pushes her again.

Is Avery going to try to talk to my coworker, Sasha? Don't get me wrong, Sasha is hot, but she's sort of a bitch. It seems like Avery is really nervous to talk to Sasha.

Is Avery going to try to flirt with Sasha. I mean I get gay vibes from Avery, so maybe Avery is trying to ask Sasha out?

Oh hell no. Sasha is going to make fun of Avery. Avery shouldn't go for a bitch like Sasha, she deserves so much better. Avery is too precious to be hurt by that pain in the butt.

I slowly walk over to Sasha and tell her the manager wants to see her as I notice Avery contemplating walk over here.

Sasha goes in the back to find the manager and I notice Avery find the courage to walk over here with her eyes glued to the floor. I mean at least she tried coming over here?

The moment she makes it to the table she looks up and seems surprised to see me instead of my coworker. "Hey there, love."

"Ezra? What are you doing here?" she asks getting all flustered.

I point to my uniform and she says oh. "What are you doing here? Want a coffee?" I ask her smirking.

"Um, yeah. That's exactly why I came over here," she says stumbling over her words. She's adorable and always finds a way to amuse me.

"Okay, come over to the cash register, I'll get you a coffee," I say grabbing her hand and intertwining my fingers with hers. It feels so right for some reason.

When I look back at her, she is blushing so much. Damn, can this girl not getting any more cuter?

"What kind of coffee do you want?" I ask her.

"Um, surprise me?" she says making me wink at her.

I make her my favorite coffee and before giving it to her I grab a sharpie to write my number on it. I look at her to see her curious as to what I wrote, "I wrote my number, I forgot to give it to you in class, for tutoring."

"Oh, right. Thanks," she says and I sense a little disappointment in her reaction. Was she expecting me to say something else?

She pulls money out of her pocket and hands it to me, but I push her hand away, "It's on me, love. Call it even for you tutoring me," I say.

She says thanks and turns around to leave. Something in me suddenly doesn't want her to leave and I follow her out the shop.

I grab her arm to make her face me and I lean in to her ear to whisper, "I can't wait until Wednesday. See you then, love."

I pull away and smile at her, she smiles back at me and it makes my heart jump with joy. We say goodbye and I head back inside, seeing her smile at me makes me feel so good. She has such a beautiful smile, there is so much light and joy in her smile.

"I'm surprised you're going for that girl. She's not your type," comments my other coworker, Jeremy.

"I'm not trying anything with her and I don't have a type," I retort back.

"Come one, of course you are trying to date her or sleep with her. Everyone noticed how much you were smiling when she walked in the shop.

"She deserves more than that, okay. She doesn't deserve to be played with. She's a good person. She's kind, smart, awkward and kind of dorky," I explain.

"Sounds nothing like your type, but you like her," Jeremy says.

"I don't have a type and I don't like her in that way," I say.

"Go ahead, keep lying to yourself," Jeremy jokes.

There's no way I can actually like this girl, right? I mean, Jeremy is a little right. I go for bad girls, I don't go for the sweet ones. But, there's something about Avery that I can't let go. There's more to her than just being the innocent sweet girl.

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