31: Saving You

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Author note: Last chapter I got asked how I picture Avery and Ezra, so I'm going to show you pictures.

Avery, to me, looks like a mix of the first two girls up above. Ezra, to me, looks like a mixture of the two bottom girls. This is just how I picture them, but you can imagine them however you want.

Ok, back to the story!!!

Ezra's view

"What are you doing here?" I question my mother as she stands before me.

"Can't I want to see my own daughter?" she snarls back.

"Not after how you treated me the last time. Plus it's almost been a week since I left home and you never even tried to find me," I retort back.

"Well I am...I am here now. Aren't... aren't I," she says slurring her words and stumbling.

I scoff at her, "No, you're drunk and you probably found me by accident. You work in the bar next to the mall so it's not hard to figure out."

"Stop being a brat, you're killing my buzz," she replies trying to hang on to a bookshelf so she doesn't fall.

"Why are you here? Is it money you want? I don't have any to give to you, I quit my job," I explain.

"YOU WHAT! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT! What about rent and food?" she asks me.

"Figure it out yourself," I say walking away.

"Where do you think you're going?" she asks following me.

"I'm going to find my girlfriend, she actually cares about me and doesn't just talk to me for money," I reply looking around for Avery.

"A girlfriend? When did you get a girlfriend? Is she the one you are staying with?" my mom questions as she staggers after me.

"What does it matter to you," I reply.

"You know she won't always love you. She is going to get tired of you and leave you behind one day," my mom tells me.

I stop looking for Avery so that I can look my mom dead in the eyes, "Avery isn't dad. She wouldn't leave me."

"I once thought your dad would never leave too. I used to think that he loved us so much," my mom says as a tear rolls down her face.

Her sudden reaction shocks me and I can't help but soften my expression. Normally she always tries to blame me or talk horribly about dad,  but this is different. She looks so broken right now. I see so much pain in her eyes and reach out to hug her, but I stop when I hear yelling.

"Help! Ezra! Someone help!" I hear Avery yelling.

I turn around and run down the aisles yelling out Avery's name.

"Ezra!" I hear coming from my right. I go around the corner and see a girl pushing her against a bookshelf with her hand tightly gripping Avery's wrist.

I run over and push the other girl out of the way. She falls to the ground with a loud thud.

I focus my attention on Avery who is trembling; I softly grab her shoulders in reassurance and force her to look at me instead of the girl on the ground.

"Hey, Aves, it's okay. I'm here, love," I say as I embrace her in a hug. She continues trembling for a few more seconds before calming down.

I pull away from the hug to look at her face and I push a strand of hair behind her ear. She gives me a small smile and I grab her hand to intertwine our fingers, but Avery flinches in pain.

I glance down at her hand and see a little bit of blood. I gently grab her hand and lift it to see a little bit of blood coming from nail marks in her skin. Her wrist is also starting to bruise from being squeezed so hard.

I let go of Avery and turn around to face the bitch that hurt my girl. She's now standing up and looking at me with a smug grin.

"So, you're the girl she is having fun with now," the bitch questions as she steps closer.

"And you're the piece of shit that hurt Avery," I challenge back while standing in front of Avery to block her from the girl.

"Actually I'm her former lover," she replies back smirking.

"Oh, so you're the pathetic piece of trash ex- girlfriend. So glad Avery moved on from the likes of you," I retorted back at her.

"Avery, move on from me? Yeah, right. She loved every second we had together today," she chuckles trying to get a look at Avery behind my shoulder.

I have just about had enough of this girl. I angrily take a step forward as she takes a careful step back. We continue this until she backs up into a shelf and I grab a hold of her shirt to keep her in place.

"If you ever hurt her again or as much as touch her again, I swear I will punch that smug grin of off your face and put you in the hospital," I threatened.

I let go of her and walk back to Avery, "She isn't going to hurt you again, not when I'm here for you."

An employee from the bookstore walks over to us, "Do you guys want security to throw that girl out of the mall?"

"Yes, please. Tell security she is a dangerous person to be around," Avery finally speaks up.

"Okay, I will. Don't worry; you guys can go if you want. I and the other employees will make sure she doesn't leave until security gets here," the guy says.

"Thank you," I reply while Avery and I walk out of the bookstore. I look around, but there is no sign of my mom. Where did she go?

Avery takes me out of my thoughts as she puts an arm around my waist and pulls me closer to her. I put a protective arm around her.

"We should go get bandages and ice for your hand," I suggest.

"Good idea," she answers back quietly.


author note: Why i updated for the third time this week you may ask. Because 1. fuck the schedule this week and 2. i like the feedback. I love reading your guys comments and this week has been stressful, but this story and you all have helped me so much. 

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