9: Night Time Studying

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Ezra's view

After I finish my Saturday shift, I head over to Avery's. She texted me the address a while ago.

When I get there her mom opens the door. "Welcome, Ezra. It's so good to finally meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too, Mrs. Daniels," I say.

"Hello, Ezra," Mr. Daniel's says to me.

I enter their home and Avery comes down the stairs.

She smiles when she sees me and I can't help but smile back.

Her parents offer me a drink and I follow Avery to her room.

"Here, I made you flashcards, I think they will be the most helpful things," she suggests handing me a ton of cards.

"Wow, thanks Aves, how long did this take you?"

"Hold up, did you just call me Aves. What's with all the nicknames? Did you forget my real name?" She teases.

"Of course not," I reply rolling my eyes.

"Okay, the pick one nickname to call me for now on," she adds.

I smirk and answer, "Fine, love."

She blushes a deep red and tries to distract herself in looking for notes.

We study together for a good two hours before I start getting bored. Of course I love her tutoring me because I actually learn, but this is the longest I have ever studied and we don't even have a test tomorrow.

"Love, let's take a break, please," I beg Avery.

"Okay, are you tired?" She asks.

"Not really, but I don't really want to go home," I say honestly.

"You can stay the night if you want, I can ask my parents, but they will most likely say yes," she says getting up and leaving the room.

I get up and walk around her room; I chuckle as I come across baby pictures. Avery looks so cute.

"My mom says you are welcomed to stay the night. My parents don't want you driving home at this hour," Avery says entering the room.

"What are you doing?" she asks watching me hide something behind my back.

"Nothing," I say smirking at her.

Avery rolls her eyes at me, "I can see you holding something behind your back, what is it?"

"If you want to know what I have, then come and take it," I say seductively.

Avery raises her eyebrows in surprise and gives me a half smile before taking a step towards me. "Okay, two can play at this game," she says taking more steps closer to me.

Her confidence makes me a little nervous and I back up as she comes closer, she backs me up against the drawer. "What's wrong, Ezra?"

Before I can answer she slowly puts her hands on my waist. My breath hitches as she runs her fingers around my waist and then she suddenly pulls away from me.

"Ha, I got it!" she says holding the picture up in triumph.

"Wow, what a tease," I say smirking at her, trying to calm myself down.

"Hey, you're the one who took this in the first place," she says looking at the picture, "Oh god; I can't believe you saw this."

"You were an adorable baby," as she plops down on her bed.

"Too bad I grew up to look ugly," she teases.

Her comment makes me angry for some reason. How dare she think she's ugly? "Don't say that, you're beautiful."

Avery looks up at me in shock, "Oh, um, thank you? So are you?"

Her reaction makes me soften a bit and I can't help but laugh.

"Hey, don't laugh. You took me by surprise, "she says starting to laugh too.

We lay next to each other on the bed laughing for a bit more before calming down, and then silence overwhelms us. It's not that it felt awkward, but just that we felt at peace with each other. It's something I've never felt with anyone else before.

"Hey, want to look at the stars?" Avery asks all of a sudden.

"If that means leaving here and having to go downstairs and outside, then no," I tease.

"I have a small balcony. My dad made one since he got scared of me climbing on the roof to see the stars every night," Avery explains.

"Cute, I wish my dad would do things like that for me," I comment sadly.

Avery looks over at me, "What happened to your dad? Or how is your mom? You never really talk about either of them," Avery questions.

I sigh before getting up from her bed, "How about you show me your balcony?"

Avery rolls her eyes at me, "You can change the topic for now, only," she says getting up and showing me. It's a small balcony, but big enough for two people standing next to each other to look up at the stars.

It's a chilly night and I notice Avery shiver as the breeze kicks up, so I take of my leather jacket to wrap it around her.

Avery chuckles, "You know I have a jacket in my room, you don't need to give me yours."

"Well maybe I want to be a gentleman," I tease.

"Well, there's no need, I don't want you to be cold," she says.

I lean a little closer to her and whisper, "What if this is part of my plan. What if I'm doing this so I can put my arms around you for warmth?"

Avery shivers again and surprisingly leans in closer to me, "You know, saying your plan out loud, defeats the purpose of it." She takes of the jacket and hands it back to me smirking the entire time.

"It's late, we should probably go to bed," she says heading inside.

What the fuck just happened? Did she deny me the chance to hold her? Shit, this girl drives me crazy.

I walk back in her room and see her staring at her bed, contemplating something.

"You can sleep on my bed, next to me if you want?" she says suddenly.

Seems like this night just might turn out to be in my favor after all.

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