13: Someone's Sick

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Ezra's view

I wake up today feeling refreshed as fuck. I happily get ready and ignore my mom's yell for booze and head out the door to my car.

I make it to school and almost skip to my first class. Unlike other days, I make it through my first few classes with ease and then it's time for chemistry.

I get to class early today, earlier than Avery. When she walks in the classroom with Ally she looks so surprised to see me here before her. "Good luck, love," I say winking at her as she passes me.

Mrs. Simons wastes no time handing out the test and I get started, for once I actually understand what the questions are asking. I feel so happy! I'm bubbling every answer instead of mostly leaving them blank like before.

Of course Avery and Ally finish before me, but this time I don't finish last like always. When I head out of the class Mrs. Simons smiles at me and Avery is waiting for me outside.

"How do you think you did?" she asks.

I don't even answer her question; I just immediately go to hug her. "I don't know what this means," she whispers.

"It means I think I did well and I am so incredibly grateful that you came into my life," I declare to her.

I can feel her stiffen in shock at my truthful words, but I just hug her more tightly. We stay like that for a few more seconds before someone clears their throat.

We turn to look at Ally who won't stop smirking at us.

"So, you guys have gotten close pretty fast in the last few weeks," she comments.

Before I can answer Avery sneezes. She widens her eyes in horror, "If I get sick, I'm going to blame you!"

"Why me?" I ask defensively.

"You made me jump in the pool," she replies.

"No, no no. That was all you love. You jumped in with all your clothes," I say laughing.

'What the fuck did I miss?" squeals Ally.

"Everything," I say just as Avery yells, "Nothing."

I chuckle before adding, "I'll just let you explain what happened last night," and with that I walk away from two jaw dropped girls.

Behind me I can hear Ally shaking Avery trying to get her to tell her what happened.

The next day when I come to school and head to Chemistry class, I expect to see Avery but when I don't see her I immediately feel sad. Where is she?

I notice that Ally is in her normal seat and I walk over asking for Avery. "She got sick last night. She told me to tell you she is billing all her expenses to you," Ally explains chuckling.

"Oh my god, I feel like shit. It's my fault. I wanted to go swimming," I start to panic.

"Hey, it's okay. Avery isn't blaming you for anything. She told me she wanted to prove you wrong that day by jumping in. Between you and me, she likes you challenging her," Ally adds.

Ally notices that I am still really worried and says, "You can do me a favor and check up on her after school. I can't because I have a club meeting today."

"I can do that," I say completely forgetting that I have to go to work today after.

The entire class period I spent thinking about Avery. She probably feels like shit. I hope she doesn't have a fever, or is coughing, or throwing up. God, I wish class could go by faster so I could be with her now.

The day feels like it's dragging on so slowly before the final bell rings, after I run to my car and head to her home. Ally told me where they keep their spare key and I already texted Avery I was coming over. She of course told me I didn't have to, but I never listen to her anyway.

Once inside her home, I head upstairs and into her room. I find her lying in bed under a bunch of covers. When I walk closer I notice she is sleeping, so I don't wake her. Instead I sit next to her and smile because I get to be with my girl.

I slowly extend my hand to push a strand of hair out of her as I accidentally touch her forehead. She is burning up. I panic and run to her bathroom to grab small towel and run it under the faucet with cold water and return to her to put it on her head.

I carefully move the blankets down and notice that she is completely soaked from sweat. I'm so worried; I have no choice but to wake her up in a panic.

"Avery? Please wake up, Avery. Are you okay?" I ask.

She stirs awake and opens her beautiful hazel eyes to look up at me. She gives me a weak smile and replies, "Hey, Ezra. I'm okay, don't worry."

"Can I get you anything?" I ask her.

"Um, can you hand me the medicine that's on the shelf over there?" she asks.

I walk over to grab it and walk back to give it to her. She takes a sip of the medicine and lies back down.

She stares at me with tired eyes, 'What are you looking at," I ask her.

"You, you dummy. You're beautiful," she says chuckling.

"Okay, who are you? And what have you done to my Avery?" I tease her while trying to hide my blush.

She gives me a small laugh and pats the spot next to her. I lay down next to her and she lays her head gently on my shoulder.

"Thank you for being here," she whispers.

"Anything for you," I whisper back as she slowly closes her eyes and falls asleep.

I lean in and kiss her on the head and lay back in bed letting her soft breaths take me to sleep as well.

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