27: Matchmaker

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Avery's view

I wake up to the pleasurable feeling of someone softly tracing patterns into my back. I smile and slowly turn my head to look over and see Ezra giving me the cutest smile.

"Good morning, love," she says before kissing me on the head.

"Morning," I murmur as I turn my whole body to face her and wrap my arms around her neck. I bury my head in the crook of her neck and close my eyes.

Ezra giggles and says, "Okay, one, your voice sounds so sexy in the morning and two, I can get used to waking up to this every morning."

"Good, I'm not planning on sleeping without you by my side," I reply.

"I love you so much and I really don't want to leave this bed, but if we don't get up in a few minutes your parents will probably come to check on you," Ezra comments.

"Ugh...but I want to stay here with you, all day," I groan out.

Ezra chuckles, "I want nothing more than to stay in bed with you, but I don't want anyone saying I'm a bad influence on you by making you skip school. So, come on, get up."

Ezra gently pushes me of off her and stands up to stretch. I whine out, but eventually get up to.

Ezra rummages through her bag to get clothes and finds a navy blue t shirt and begins to take off the shirt she slept in. I immediately turn around to give her privacy and hear her laughing.

"You don't always have to turn around when I'm changing. We are girlfriends now," she says.

"Sorry, I know. I just get embarrassed by watching you change," I explain.

"Avery, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Watch me change all you want, it doesn't bother me, in fact..." she says smirking at me, "It kind of turns me on when you watch me."

"Oh my god," I reply rolling my eyes and grabbing a pillow to throw at her.

Ezra catches the pillow effortlessly and continues smirking, "Hey, this isn't how you reacted last night. I vividly remember you moaning out in pleasure; you had no embarrassment doing that."

I grab another pillow and throw it at her, this time it hits her in the face.

"Okay, okay, I might have deserved that a little," she says smiling at me sheepishly.

"You think? Now turn around while I change," I demand.

Ezra sighs and turns so I can hurry up; when I'm done I walk over to her and hug her from behind. She puts her hands over mine which are wrapped around her waist.

"I'm never going to get tired of this," she murmurs out.

"Me too," I reply back.

I eventually let go of Ezra and she climbs over the balcony and onto the tree as I head downstairs to have breakfast with my family. I make sure to grab extra food for Ezra before leaving the table.

"Hey, mom, Ezra is going to take me to school today, you guys don't need to drive me," I tell them.

"Oh, that's adorable," my mom teases.

"Our beautiful daughter is growing up so fast, she found herself an amazing girl," my dad says joining in on the fun.

"Okay, okay, very funny," I say hugging my parents goodbye.

I quickly walk out of my house and see Ezra in her car. I hurry over and get in and she drives to school. Once she parks I get out of the car and grab my bag. I wait for Ezra to grab her stuff and just as we are about to start walking, I reach over to grab her hand.

Ezra looks over at me with concern, "You sure you want to do that? Sometimes people can be mean."

"I'm sure. I want to hold my girlfriends hand, to hell with anyone who is against that," I reply intertwining our fingers.

Ezra smiles and we face the school as we walk up the steps. Some people give us disgusted faces, but the majority of people don't care and keep doing whatever they were originally doing.

As we round the corner we make it to my normal spot where I stay before class begins. Ally is there waiting for me and when she sees us her focus immediately goes to our hands.

Ally gives us the biggest smile and starts squealing in joy as we walk closer to her.

"I fucking knew it! I knew you guys were going to end up together. I shipped you guys from day one!" Ally yells in triumph.

Ezra and I can't help but laugh at her reaction. Ally always had faith in us, even when we didn't.

"Without you, I probably would have never had the courage to talk to Ezra, thanks for pushing me to be a tutor," I say hugging Ally.

"Thank you for matching me up with this one," Ezra adds hugging Ally as well.

"No problem, you two lovebirds. Damn I am good at matchmaking. I should be getting payed to match people together.

I roll my eyes at Ally as the bell rings.

"Well, I'll see you in Chemistry, love," Ezra says grabbing my cheek to pull my in for a quick kiss.

"Okay, see you later, Ezra. I love you," I say as she turns to walk to her class.

"Oh my god! You said the L word!" Ally squeals out in joy again.

"Stop fangirling over my relationship," I tease as we head to our class together.


author note: Sorry it took me so long to update. Writer's block has been tough lately. Next update will most  be on next Wednesday, or if you and I are lucky i might actually finish the chapter earlier. 

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