12: Don't Try Me

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Avery's view

As Ally and I head into our chemistry class I glance around for Ezra, but I don't see her.

"Looking for the person you love?" teases Ally.

"Very funny," I say sarcastically.

Mrs. Simons spots me and walks over to ask, "Hi, Avery. How has the tutoring gone?"

"It's going really good," I reply.

"Do you think Ezra is ready for the test tomorrow?" Mrs. Simons asks worriedly.

Just before I can reassure her that Ezra will be fine someone cuts me off. "Don't worry; I've got this in the bag Mrs. Simons. Avery is the best teacher...no offense," Ezra says as she strolls up to us.

"I'm so happy to hear this. Oh, looks like I need to start class," Mrs. Simons says walking to her desk.

Ezra glances at me with a fearful face, "I'm so screwed for that test tomorrow!"

"No you are not. Like you said, you've got it in the bag," I say cheerfully, "Plus, we can study after class today. It's Wednesday, you go to work later today."

"Actually I don't have to go to work at all today. There was a mix up in the shifts and the boss doubled up. So he said I didn't need to come in," she explains to me.

"That's awesome, more time to study," I say.

"More like more time to worry," she says slumping in her desk.

I gently rub her arm to reassure her that everything will be okay and she seems to relax a little. I glance at Ally and she is smirking at me and giving me a thumbs up. I immediately let go of Ezra and face the front in embarrassment.

After schools ends I head to the library and see Ezra there early. "I'm going to fail aren't I?" she asks.

"Of course not. I have a practice test for you so you can guess what some of the questions for tomorrows test will be on," I tell her.

I lead us to the table and take out all my stuff. We immediately get to work on studying and for the most part it goes well. After taking several practice tests, Ezra finally feels like she is ready for tomorrows test. By now it's around six in the afternoon. Ezra offers to get food, while I look for another practice test. When she comes back, we eat outside really quick and head back into the library to finish studying.

Now it's around eight p.m. and both of us are exhausted and sick of chemistry. "How about we call it a nigh on Chemistry and go do something fun," suggest Ezra.

"Okay, what do you have in mind?" I ask her.

"Do you trust me?" Ezra asks seriously, looking at me with her intense blue eyes.

"Yes," I answer without hesitation.

"Okay, come with me," she says leading me to her car.

"Call your parents, tell them we are going to hang out for a bit and I'll drop you at your home later," she says.

I do as she says, and my mom texts back that she is glad I am hanging out with more people and tells me to be careful. My parents are glad if I ever get out of the house.

Ezra parks her car in an apartment complex and get out. "What are we doing here? You're not going to kill me, right?" I ask skeptically.

"Of course not," Ezra says laughing.

"Come here," she says grabbing my hand. She intertwines her hands with mine and she leads me through the place to a gated off pool.

"No, no, no," I say.

"You don't even know what we are going to do," Ezra says rolling her eyes at me.

"Of course I do, you want to go swimming," I say in disbelief. "I'm not going to go swimming!" I add.

"Well then it's your loss. I'm going in," Ezra says as she starts stripping off her clothes right in front of me.

"What the hell are you doing!" I ask in surprise.

"I'm taking my clothes off," she says.

"No duh captain obvious, but like don't take everything off," I beg.

"You know I normally get people begging me to take my clothes off, not the other way around," Ezra teases. She leaves on her black bra and underwear and walks over to me.

I can't help but just stare at her. She's is breathtaking.

"My eyes are up here, love," she says smirking. She loves leaving me flustered,

"Well, if you're not going to get in, then just sit beside the pool and watch me swim," she says before jumping in and splashing me a little bit.

I take off my shows and roll up my jeans and sit by the edge of the pool. Ezra swims from one side to the other two times before swimming to me.

"Are you really not going to get in?" she asks grabbing onto my legs.

"No I am not and don't you dare drag me in," I warn her.

"Or what?" she asks looking at me seductively.

"Why do you always try to test me?" I ask.

"Because I think you are all talk, love. You won't do anything," she replies smirking at me.

"Okay, that's it. I've had it," I say before standing up and jumping in the pool.

I regret jumping in the second I touch the icy cold water. It overwhelms me and I quickly kick up to the surface. When I turn to Ezra, she wipes water of off her face and stares at me in shock.

"You got all your clothes wet," she states.

"Shit, I didn't think this through, goddamn it," I say covering my face in embarrassment.

Ezra chuckles and swims over to me and pulls my hands away from my face. "Hey, it's okay. And I love it when you prove me wrong, love," she says wrapping her hands around my neck.

She slowly pulls me closer and now we are just a few centimeters away from each other. If we leaned a little more we would be kissing, but something interrupts us.

"What the hell are the two of you doing in the pool? Get the hell out of there," yells the caretaker.

"Shit, run, Avery," Ezra says letting go of me. We swim to the edge and hop out of the pool. Ezra grabs her cloths and we make a run for it back to her car. She immediately starts the engine and we can't stop laughing until we make it back to my house.

Before I get out, Ezra says, "Thank you for tutoring me. I really appreciate everything you are doing for me."

"Hey, that's what..." I stop my words.

"What were you going to say?" Ezra says.

"Well I was going to say that's what friends do for each other, but I don't know what we are," I explain.

Ezra chuckles, "Well, if it makes you feel better, we are friends for now, who knows about later though," she says winking at me.

I roll my eyes and say goodbye to her and leave her car.

When I make it into my house, my parents raise their eye in confusion as they notice I am dripping wet.

"What happened to you?" my mom asks.

"Um, I fell... in the grass when the sprinklers turned on," I blurt out.

"Do you really think I believe that?" My mom asks.

"I've done that many times. Those damn sprinklers. Go get changed," my dad says making my mom look at him in disbelief.

I don't even question it and I run to my room.


author note: Hope you guys enjoy this long chapter!

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