34: Celebration

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(Warning: more sexual content.)

Ezra's view

Avery and I head to school and before we walk in I grab her to kiss her. "Tell me again why we can't skip to have more fun with each other?"

Avery rolls her eyes and smiles at me amusingly, "We can't miss school, they will notify my parents and I don't want them knowing that I'm having sex with my girlfriend instead of being in class."

I sigh and then start smirking at her and tease, "But, I really enjoy making you moan."

Avery widens her eyes in surprise and playfully smacks my shoulder, "Come on, we need to get to class."

She holds her hand out for me and I grab it and intertwine our fingers. She pulls me into school and we go down the hallway and stop before her classroom.

"I'll see you in chemistry," she says before giving me a quick peck and heading into her classroom.

I walk away and head to my classroom, but I notice a large crowd gathered around the office. I walk over and maneuver my way through the crowd to see what's going on. However, these tall guys block my view.

"What's happening?" I ask the guy next to me.

"Haven't you heard? Francis got expelled yesterday. He is getting all his paperwork and files today," the guy replies.

"Really? Are you serious?" I ask.

"Yeah! I can't believe it either, but it's about time they kick him out of this school. He's an asshole," replies the guy.

Then the whole crowd goes silent as Francis is escorted out of the office by the principal who is telling everyone to go back to their classrooms. The guys in front of me start moving and now I'm visible and Francis sees me.

He gives me a sinister look and coldly says, "I'll get you back," as he walks past me.

Well thank god he's going to a different school, because if he weren't I would have believed him. Francis is all talk and no bite and he's pretty stupid so I doubt he can come up with anything to actually get revenge.

My first three periods go by so fast, especially since Francis is no longer in my classes. I can actually do my work without being taunted by Francis every second. School doesn't seem that bad anymore.

Then I head to chemistry and immediately run over to Avery and Ally who are already sitting in their seat.

"I have amazing news!" I sing out.

"Let's hear it!" Ally replies in excitement.

"Francis is expelled!" I tell them. Their faces light up in joy.

"You're not joking right? Because that would be a sick joke," Ally says and I reassure her that it's not.

"Oh my god, I need to tell everyone!" Ally says jumping up and going from person to person telling them the news.

I chuckle and look over at Avery who is beaming with a smile. "We definitely need to celebrate this," she says.

"Of course? How would you like to celebrate? Dinner? Ice cream?" I suggest.

Avery scoots closer to me and replies, "I actually had something more homely planned. You know since my mom is working overtime today to help a client find a home and my dad is going to be with her. So, I have the house to myself for today."

"On second thought, we'll go with your idea," I reply.

Class starts and I can't stop thinking about all the things I want to do to Avery. I don't pay attention at all to the lecture and my next two classes.

As soon as school ends, Avery and I hurry back to my car and drive to her home. We are not even through the doorway before Avery starts kissing me. And before I know it we are making out on the couch.

"Maybe we should take this upstairs?" Avery suggests while biting her lip.

I don't disagree and I pick her up and carry her up the stairs with some struggle, but I refuse to put her down. I drop her on the bed and get on top of her to resume our kiss.

Avery reaches the bottom of my shirt with her fingers and slowly pulls my shirt up and over my head. I do the same for her and just as I unbutton her jeans, Avery abruptly stops me.

"I get to have fun with you first," Avery says seductively. She pushes me aside and gets up to straddle me.

"I was not expecting this, but this surprise is very hot," I reply as she leans down to kiss me. She unbuttons my jeans and slowly pulls it off of me. We continue making out as one of her hands snakes down to my ass and she squeezes hard making me hitch my breath.

Avery moves to kissing my neck and sucking on my collarbone. That's sure to leave a mark, but I don't care, it feels too good.

She moves her hands behind my back to undo the clasp on my bra and she throws it across the room. She massages my breasts before licking my nipples and causing me to moan out.

She starts kissing down my abdomen and stops just a little below my bellybutton. She spreads my legs apart and kisses in between my thighs making me shiver and moan again.

I look down at Avery and we make eye contact, "Ready?" she asks.

"Yes," I reply and Avery grabs a hold of my underwear and starts sliding it down and throws that too. She starts kissing my inner thigh again and slowly rises high and higher.

She loves teasing me, but I don't know how much more I can take of this.

Then she abruptly puts her tongue inside of me and I moan out loudly. She pleases me for a while until she finally drives me crazy.

Avery stops to let my body rest, but I pull her closer to me and I start sucking on her neck.

Now it's my turn to please my girl. And I have all afternoon to do it.


Author note: we are nearing the end, everyone. Heads up, there are about 5-10 chapters left.

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