28: Teacher to the Rescue

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Ezra's view

I watched the clock as the second hand slowly ticked away, I'm desperate awaiting for the class to end so I can sprint to Chemistry.

I know. I know. I'm acting like a love-sick puppy, but I can't take it. I've been by Avery's side for the past few days and not doing that right now feels awful. All I want is for her to be in my arms.

I can't believe just how important Avery has become to me in just a few months. It feels like I can finally stop holding my breath when I'm with her. Everything just feels so lighter and I don't constantly feel like I have the weight of the world on my back like I did before.

I'm so deep in my thoughts that I completely ignore the bell signaling class is over. I see everyone else getting up around me and quickly push all my stuff into my backpack and jump up to get out of class.

I don't want to look like a complete lunatic, so I fast walk instead of sprinting like I originally wanted to. I quickly make my way through the crowds of people to get to Mrs. Simmons class.

I enter the classroom and immediately make eye contact with Avery as she talks with Ally. Avery gives me an adorable smile and Ally notices where she is looking and looks at me with a smirk.

I maneuver my way through the desks to make it to Avery. I drop my bag on the ground and without missing a beat I down to give Avery a kiss. She responds by kissing me back and gently caressing my cheek with her hand.

We break away from the kiss so that I can sit down, but Avery and I continue to make eye contact. I don't want to look away, so I must put my hand down to feel the chair, so I don't fall on my ass.

"Fuck, you guys are so in love. I hope to have what you guys have one day," Ally says suddenly making me remember that we are in class.

Oh shit. I just kissed her in class. Oh no.

Not even a few seconds pass before Francis, of all people, decides to pick on us. "No, you don't Ally. They are faggots. It's disgusting," he snickers.

Avery's smile falls, and she looks down at her desk which absolutely breaks my heart. I turn to face Francis and begin to threaten, "Listen here you little shit..."

"Ezra, that's enough. I will deal with this," Mrs. Simmons says walking down the aisle of desks.

"You're in very serious trouble, Francis," Mrs. Simmons announces.

"Why me? I didn't do anything. It's their fault, their kissing is bothering me. It's making me uncomfortable," Francis says.

"Well then, if it's so uncomfortable for you, then you can get out of my classroom," Mrs. Simmons reply coldly.

"Wait, what?" Francis says in disbelief at her words.

"You heard me, Francis. Get out of my classroom. Go to the office, the principal will be waiting for you," Mrs. Simmons adds.

"You have got to be kidding me," Francis says angrily.

"This is no joking manner. Grab your stuff and leave now," demands Mrs. Simmons.

Francis packs his stuff up and gets up to leave, but he turns around to scold me before he finally leaves the classroom.

"I will not tolerate any more homophobic remarks. The next person who says one will be in a lot of trouble," Mrs. Simmons announces before walking to the front of the class to begin the lecture.

Wow, Mrs. Simmons is a really cool teacher. I have to thank her later for defending us like that.

I glance at Avery and notice how visibly upset she still looks. I reach over to grab her hand and she finally looks over at me. She gives me a weak smile and intertwines our fingers and faces the front.

I can tell she isn't okay. But I don't want to press her right now. Maybe we can talk about it later.

Mrs. Simmons lectures for about forty minutes before letting everyone pack up early. When the bell rings everyone hurries out the door. I stay behind as Ally and Avery pack up. They were being good students and starting their homework while everyone else, including me, was on their phone.

We get up to walk out, but Mrs. Simmons stops us.

"I'm very sorry that you two have to endure moments like the one you had earlier," she says.

"It's okay. As long as we have people like you looking out for us, things will be better," I reply.

Mrs. Simmons smiles, "I also have very good news. Ezra you increased your grade so high from the beginning of the year. Now as long as you get a C in the final, you will pass, which I'm sure you will do with Avery's help."

"Avery you are a wonderful tutor, although I had no idea that this tutoring setup would end in you two being together," Mrs. Simmons adds.

"Actually, I knew! I knew from the very beginning," Ally says smiling proudly.

We all laugh, and Mrs. Simons adds one last thing, "I'm so glad that everything is turning out so well for the three of you. I know you all will do great things I life."

We all thank her and head out the classroom. Avery grabs my hand to intertwine her fingers with mine and when I look at her she gives me a smile, like the one before Francis said anything to us. I gently squeeze her hand and smile back as we go around the corner heading to lunch.

However, someone suddenly stands in front of us to block us from entering the cafeteria. 


Author note: I couldn't help it, I just had to add the Jaws Theme song. I can't stop laughing now.

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