21: Hot Shower

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Avery's view

"I take that you're not stupid remark back, you are stupid," Ezra says from the closet.

I walk over and open the closet door and there is Ezra smirking at me, "At least you got out of going to school."

"Oh no, that was not on purpose. Oh no, I'm going to miss class and I'm going to miss lectures and I'm going to start getting behind," I say panicking.

Ezra chuckles and grabs my shoulders and forces me to look at her, "Hey, calm down. It will be okay, you're already the smartest kid in all your classes. Ditching a day isn't going to ruin your grades."

"Okay, okay. You better get ready for school though," I tell Ezra.

"Why would I get ready for school? I'm not going," she says.

"What do you mean you're not going? You have to," I say in disbelief.

"If you're not going then neither am I. Who knew you were such a bad influence," Ezra says smirking at me.

"Then what are we going to do?" I ask.

"Anything we want, duh," she says as I stare at her blankly, "You've never ditched school before, have you?"

"Never. Why would I ever?" I ask.

Ezra rolls her eyes at me, "Never mind, let's just get in your bathroom."

"Why would we go to my bathroom?" I ask in bewilderment.

"Because stupid, you just told your mom you were going to take a shower. So now we have to go into your bathroom and turn on the shower so she believes it," Ezra explains and I make an oh face.

"God, you're a lost cause," Ezra teases as we enter the bathroom and shut the door behind. I turn on the shower and turn to face her.

"What now?" I ask her.

"We wait here until your parents leave," she says laughing.

"So, where do you want to do today? Since you made us ditch, you get to decide where we go," she tells me and I scorn her as she blames me for us not going to school.

I hear my mom enter my room and walk to the bathroom, "Honey, I ran out of toothpaste, I need to borrow yours really quick."

"Oh no, what do we do?" I ask Ezra as I panic.

My mom starts to unlock the door and Ezra pushes us into the shower and pulls the shower curtain around to cover us as my mom walks in.

My shower is a little small so I'm pressed up against the wall as Ezra stands in front of me with her arms on the wall as she catches herself from falling.

My mom begins to brush her teeth in my sink as Ezra and I get soaked. Thank god, I put the water on hot instead of cold otherwise we would be freezing. If I weren't pressed against my shower wall fully clothed, I would like this shower.

"I should have never lied," I whine out softly.

Ezra suddenly covers my mouth with her hand, and shushes me. If we weren't trying to not get caught by my mom, this would be very hot.

My mom finishes brushing her teeth and says, "Okay, we will leave now, sweetie, see you later."

Ezra uncovers my mouth so that I can say, "Bye mom."

My mom leaves my bathroom and bedroom. "That was really close," I say looking up at Ezra and notice her looking at my lips. We are so close together, our bodies are pressing against each other and we are a mere inches away from each other's faces.

"Um..." I say looking away from her as I start to blush.

Ezra smirks and raises her hand to gently grab my chin so that I'm facing her. She tucks a loose wet strand of hair behind my ear and says, "Even though you are drenched in water, you still look beautiful."

I give her a half smile and joke, "You don't look so bad yourself."

Ezra chuckles lightly and leans closer to me, "What would you do if I kissed you?"

I don't know why but I'm feeling so bold right now, so I answer, "I don't know, try it and let's find out."

Ezra doesn't wait another second before crashing her lips on mine. One of her hands holds onto my jaw and the other goes to my waist to pull my closer. I wrap my arms around her neck as we continue kissing under the steaming water.

I can feel Ezra kissing me with everything she has and I do the same. This just feels so right, being with her just feels so right.

Ezra breaks away to take a breath and when I am about to pull her closer so I can kiss her again, she says, "Wait, I need to tell you something."

"Right now?" I whine as I try to catch my breath.

Ezra smirks, "Yes, right now. Calm yourself, love."

"Avery, I'm in love with you," she says catching me by surprise.

I stare at her in shock and then look away to try to comprehend what she just said. "Really?"

"Is this for real? Like no jokes?" I ask in disbelief. Does she really feel that way or...?

"Oh my god, yes really, Avery. I love you," she replies grabbing my chin again so that I can look at her.

I give her the stupidest grin and pull her closer, "I love you too."

Then I kiss her again. Ezra pushes me against the wall roughly and we continue making out. Then I feel her hands start to move from my hip to under my shirt and the next thing I know she is helping me take off my shirt.

She throws it on the shower floor and kisses me one more time before she focuses on sucking and kissing my neck.

I think we are moving a bit too fast, but it just feels so good that I can't stop this. I try to stop the moan, but I can't and Ezra hears it. She looks up and me and smirks before kissing me again and then moves to my collarbone.

It feels so good that I can't help but moan a bit more. I kiss her ear and then suddenly bite her. Ezra looks up at me in shock, "Did you just bite me?"

I look down in embarrassment, "Um, maybe."

"That's really hot," she says kissing me again. Ezra slowly lifts me up so that my legs are wrapped around her waist and her hands start inching up towards my bra.

I feel her fingers close feel around for my bra clasp and I break away from her kiss. We are both a panting mess and I slowly reach around my back to grab onto her hands.

"Maybe, things are going too fast, Ezra," I tell her and she gently lowers me down.

"Sorry, I guess I just got carried away," she says looking down in embarrassment.

"No, don't be embarrassed, it's me. I just have never really been this intimate with anyone yet," I whisper out.

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to rush anything," Ezra says apologizing.

"No, don't feel bad either, I liked it. But, I just want to slow it down a bit," I explain.

"That's okay. We'll take as long as you want. I never want to rush you into anything you don't feel comfortable with," Ezra replies.

"Thank you," I say giving her a quick peck before I turn the shower off.

"I guess I should have brought towels," I joke.

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