37: New Home

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Ezra's view

"Wakey wakey, beautiful," someone whispers to me while gently poking my side. I groan and turn over to cover my face with the pillow.

The bed dips a bit next to me and suddenly I'm being attacked by kisses all over my neck. "Come on, Ezra. It's morning, you need to get up."

"No," I whine out causing her to laugh at me. She continues to kiss my neck and it's starting to turn me instead.

"Stop, please," I beg opening my eyes slowly to look at her. "If you keep that up we will end up doing something else and your parents might catch us again."

"I'll stop," she squeaks out adorably. She tries getting up but I pull her back into bed and hold her in my arms.

"I said no more neck kisses, now leave me alone," I explain kissing her on the cheek.

Avery laughs, "Yeah, but you're very hormonal. Me being here turns you on."

"Hey, I'm not that sex crazed, I can restrain myself. Plus, I remember yesterday you were the one pushing me down on the bed and ripping my clothes off," I tease her. Her face gets bright red and she tries to move away but I have her trapped in my embrace. She tries to hide her face in the crook of my neck and I can't help but start laughing.

"You're such a pain," she mumbles out.

"Okay true, but you love this pain in the ass," I say pulling her back so that I can see her face. She gives me a warm smile that makes my stomach go crazy with butterflies.

"Yeah, I do love you," she whispers while booping my nose with her finger.

"Girls, breakfast is ready!" Avery's dad yells from the kitchen.

"We should probably go, don't want my dad to have a heart attack by accidentally seeing his daughter making out with her girlfriend," Avery says getting up. She extends her hand out for me to grab and I do. Avery helps me stand up and we walk into the kitchen, still hand in hand.

"Breakfast is served," comments Avery's mom showing us the table that is full of food. There are panacakes, eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice and coffee. Wow. I've never had a breakfast like this. I was lucky to find cereal and milk at my old apartment with my mom.

"Bon appetite," Avery's dad says sitting down at the table. The rest of us sit down and begin eating.

"After we are done, I'm going to need you to give me your social workers phone number so we can sort everything out," Avery's mom tells me. I nodd and I probably looked terrified because Avery puts a reassuring hand on my leg.

"Don't worry. I'm going to make sure nothing happens to you, Ezra. We are not going to leave you alone," adds Avery's mom.

"Thank you. Thank you all for everything," I say. Everyone smiles at me and we continue eating.

After we are done, I help put the dishes in the sink. Then i dig through my bags to look for my social workers phone number. I grab it and hand it to Avery's mom. I leave her alone so she can talk on the phone and I go into the living room and sit next to Avery on the couch. She can tell I am a bit tense so she puts her arm around me and I lean my head on her shoulder. We watch a random show with her dad while her mom talks in the background.

After a few minutes her mom comes over to us and Avery's dad turns off the TV. "I talked with the social worker, unfortunately she hasn't be able to talk to your mom. She's been trying to call for the last few days."

"That's pretty normal. I'm usually the one who forces me mom to answer the calls from the social worker. However since I haven't been there she hasn't answered the calls," I add.

"Yes, well originally the social worker wanted to help you with a place to stay. Since you're already 18, you have aged out of foster care or group homes. So they were thinking in having you go to a shelter for a few days until they figure out a way to help you more," Avery's mom explain, "However, I told her that will not happen. You will stay here until they figure out how to help you."

"But I don't want to be a burden," I say.

"You are not a burden. You are a child who should have never been forced to act as an adult at such a young age. You will stay here for as long as like," her mom adds.

"I promise to help out around the house and get another job to pay for rent."

"It's okay, don't worry. If you want to find a job you can, but save the money for college," Avery's dad says.

"That's a good point. The only condition you have for staying here is that you must go to college or university when high school ends " Avery's mom adds.

"Thats the plan. Attend college, I want to continue studying. Also, thank you so much. For opening your arms to me and giving me so much love," I say with tears rolling down my cheeks. Avery pulls me in for a hug and her mom and dad walk over to join the hug. After a few second they let go, except for Avery who continues holding on to me.

"I need to do something special for you parents. And for you too," I whisper to Avery.

"No you don't. Your presence is enough. Hugging and kissing you is enough. Just seeing you is enough," she tells me. I can't help but wrap my arms around her neck and pull her in for a kiss.

"I'm still going to do something nice for you," I add in, making her roll her eyes at me.

"Fine, what do you have in mind?"

"How about I invite you to dinner tonight. My treat, for you being such an amazing girlfriend, Avery."

"Sounds tempting. Will dessert be involved?" She asks.

"Of course," I reply grabbing her chin to pull her in for another kiss.

"Avery, you're not a guest, so help me with the dishes," her mom yells from the kitchen.

Avery groans and gets up, "We will continue this in a little bit." She walks into the kitchen and I relax on the couch. Time to think of places to take Avery tonight. I need to really make up for us getting caught by her parents the other day.

I intend to make today an amazing day for my beautiful girl.

Author note: Hope you enjoyed this short cute chapter. Next update will be next Wednesday.

I have about 3-5 chapters left.

Also, who are you crushing on more? Avery or Ezra? Or both?

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