30: Look Who's Back

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Ezra's view

We pull into the parking lot and drive around to find a spot. After ten minutes I finally find one and park my car.

Avery and I get out and walk to the mall's entrance.

"What shall we do first?" I ask Avery as I grab her hand.

"I really want frozen yogurt," she pleads with puppy dog eyes. I can't say no when she looks at me with her adorable brown eyes.

"Okay, let's go," I say laughing because she gives a small squeal of joy.

At the frozen yogurt place I get a simple cup of vanilla yogurt with some chocolate chips and nuts. I look over at Avery and am stunned to see her cup filled of multiple flavors.

Avery walks over to the toppings and adds chocolate chips, marshmallows, gummy bears, sour gummy worms, sour patch, and nuts. I stare in amusement at how colorful her yogurt is, but I'm slightly disgusted by her wierd mix of toppings.

Avery walks over to me by the cashier with the biggest smile on her face. Fuck she's too cute for this world.

I quickly pay for the yogurt before she can take out her credit card. She scolds me at first, but I give her a dazzling smile and she sighs.

"You can't stay mad at this face," I tease her.

"Whatever," she says playfully pushing me.

We sit down in an empty table near by and enjoy our yogurt. Avery gives me tries of all the different flavors she got and I surprisingly like them all. But I draw the line at eating a gummy bear and chocolate chip togther.

"You're so weird," I joke as she scoops another spoonful of her bizarre topping mixture into her mouth.

"Aren't you more weird since you chose to date me," she counters.

"No, I see it as a good deed," I tease back.

"Jerk," she adds rolling her eyes at me.

We finish our frozen yogurt and head to the bookstore. It wouldn't have been my first choice to go, but Avery loves reading so as long as she is happy then so am I.

I love seeing her face light up as she looks at the endless piles of books. Avery walks off to look for a book while I lean against a big shelf to check my Instagram.

As I'm scrolling through my feed I feel a light tap on my shoulder. It's probably Avery, so I turn around to face the person getting my attention.

My smile drops, "What are you doing here?"

Avery's view

I happily walk through the long aisles of books. I don't know where to start looking, there's so many books.

I finally decide on an aisle and start looking through the stacks.

"Of course you would come here," says a familiar voice that immediately changes my mood.

I turn to face my ex girlfriend Sophie and sigh, "Well, no shit, I love books."

Sophie looks at me in shock, "you just cursed."

"Yeah so?" I reply annoyed. I guess spending all that time with Ezra has made me more confident.

"Woah, what happened to the shy girl who couldn't even hurt a fly?" She asks.

"Is there a reason you wanted to talk?" I reply coldly.

Sophie chuckles, "I like this new snarky attitude of yours. It's such a huge turn on."

"How about we go get some coffee and have fun afterwards?" Sophie adds making me almost throw up.

"No thanks, Sophie. I have a girlfriend and even if i didn't i still wouldn't want to hang out with you," I say.

"Aww come on, she doesn't have to know," Sophie says walking closer to me and grabbing my hoodie string to twirl in her fingers.

I smack her hand away, "No, I'm not a shitty girlfriend. I love her."

Sophie's expression darkens as she hears my words. "Maybe you love her, but does she really love you back? Why waste your time if you will only get hurt in the end, no strings attached is much better. That way we can have a shit ton of fun together," she suggests.

"Fuck you, Sophie. I wasted my time with you before, I'm not going to waste another second talking to you now," I say getting ready to walk away, but Sophie stops me. She grips my hand tightly to prevent me from walking away. After a second it starts to hurt since she doesn't let go.

"Sophie let go, that hurts," I say trying to pull my hand away.

"Not so fast, Avery. Let's get one thing clear, I'm not a waste a time. You're nothing without me, got that," she says through gritted teeth.

"Stop being a bitch," I retort making her more angry and tightening her grip on my hand.

"No one gives a shit about you, Avery. I was the only one who cared for you, don't think your little girlfriend gives a damn because I'm sure she doesn't," she says

"That's not true, you're the one who never cared about me. I'm surrounded by loving people, you kept trying to make me feel so small and alone," I reply angrily as I try to get her grip of off my hand.

"I never did anything but tell you the truth, Avery. Don't you see I was trying to help you. You were always so pathetic and shy, it was so sad," she replies.

I can feel my eyes start to water by the amount of anger rising in me. "Just let me go," I say trying to pull her hand away, but she starts digging her nails in my hand.

I try to use all my force to push her away, but it's no use, she's taller and stronger than me. She pushes me against the bookshelf to stop me from going anywhere.

"Help! Ezra! Someone help!" I yell out in pain.


Author note: I know I'm supposed to update tomorrow, but I won't be able to because I'll be too busy. So I'm updating a day early.

Next update will be next week.

If there are spelling or grammar mistakes I'm sorry, I wrote this chapter on my phone instead of on a computer.

I've also decided that I will cross the line a little on sexual content on a few chapters in the future.

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