11: Morning After

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Avery's view

When I finally wake up, I can't feel Ezra's arms around me anymore. I sit up and notice that she is gone; a strong feeling of emptiness hits me. I'm sad that she's gone already.

Then I see the note on the pillow Ezra used. I grab it and read,

How is it that someone can be so adorable when awake and sleeping? I just wanted to say thank you for tutoring me last night. You really help make things more clear for me. Also, tell your parents thanks for letting my sleep the night.

I'm sorry that I couldn't be here when you and your parents wake up, but I had to go home to get my work clothes.

See you at school.

Love, Ezra.

I can't contain my smile as I read the note. God, this girl gives me so many butterflies.

I head downstairs and see my parents making pancakes. "Hey, Avery, do you and Ezra want some?" my mom asks.

"Actually, Ezra had to leave early because she has work," I explain.

"Aw, that poor girl works so much," my mom replies.

"Yeah I know," I say sadly.

"Maybe pancakes will cheer you up about your friend. Since we thought she would have breakfast with us, we made too many," my dad adds handing me a plate.

"Maybe, you can invite Ally over to see if she wants any?" my mom suggests.

I call Ally and she immediately says yes and before I know it she is at my house chowing down on pancakes as my family and I watch her.

"These pancakes are amazing," Ally says in between bites.

"Glad you like them, Ally," my mom says.

Ally finished her plate and we decide to go up to my room.

"Don't get me wrong, I love the pancakes, but why did you guys make so much?" asked Ally.

"It's because my parents wanted to make breakfast for Ezra," I begin.

"WHAT? EZRA WAS HERE?" asked Ally shaking me.

"Yeah," I say taking her hands off of me since I started to get dizzy.

"What happened? Did you guys like you know do it?" she asked sitting on my bed.

"NO. WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT?" I yell while throwing a pillow at her.

"It was just a question. Why did she stay over then?" Ally asks.

"To do homework," I explain.

"So, I guess you are getting more comfortable around Ezra, otherwise you would have never invited her over to your house," Ally implies.

"Yeah I guess, I don't know, I just feel like I can trust Ezra. She's different from what I expected," I add.

"Hmm," Ally says smirking at me.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Stop it," I say throwing another pillow.

"Stop with the damn pillows," Ally laughs.

"Then stop smirking," I say.

"Fine, fine. So, if Ezra stayed over since your parents wanted to make her breakfast, where did she sleep?" asks Ally.

"In my bed," I reply while cleaning my room.

"Oh my god!" Ally says jumping on my bed.

"Stop it, I just made my bed," I whine.

"You guys slept together!!" yells Ally, "My girl is growing up so fast!"

"Ally, I repeat, nothing happened. We slept together with all of our clothes on," I explain.

"Well that's no fun," she says making me roll my eyes.

"So, you like her a lot, right?" Ally questions.

"Yeah. Who wouldn't? She's amazing. Sure, she's a flirt, but she has a kind heart..." Ally cuts me off.

"Oh my god, you are head over heels for her," Ally screams.

"No, I am not. I admire her, there's a difference."

"Stop lying, Avery. You love her," Ally teases.

"No, I do not!" I say defiantly.

"I know you, Avery. Better than you know yourself. It's okay, we don't need to talk about now, but when you become more truthful with yourself, tell me everything," Ally says.

"Shut up, Ally. I'm not in love," I say scolding her.

"Come on, Avery. You light up when anyone mentions her name. You love talking about her and you always blush," Ally explains.

"Stop, I don't want to talk about it anymore," I say and Ally nods okay.

"She would never like me back," I murmur under my breath.

After Ally leaves, I grab all my dirty clothes to do laundry. As I put everything in, I notice I'm missing a shirt. Wait a minute, what happened to the shirt I let Ezra borrow?

Did she really take it? Damn her. I have to remember to ask for the shirt back. I only have so many pajama shirts left.

As I wait for my clothes to finish in the washing machine, I think about what Ally said. I can't be in love with Ezra because, if I was, she would break my heart. Ezra is probably thinking about someone else anyway. Or she is probably not even wanting anything serious since she works so much.

So, there's no use in thinking about my feelings for her. Everything she does is probably just teasing. Last night was her just teasing me. It meant nothing to her.

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