Chapter 30

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Abhinay pov

After having my lunch with Vinay and Viraj, I send them out of the mansion. Mother was already taking the afternoon nap in her room. So that means, I could have all the time in the world to spend with my future wife.

Tara.. sigh..

This girl was something else. Since the time she had stepped into my room, she had caused nothing but a havoc in my life.

She was the first girl to show me this attitude. Her egoistic and stubborn nature was something that I could not even tolerate. And now this nature of her was taking a toll on me.

I could not risk myself to get expose. For that I have to marry her as soon as possible and scare her off so much that she won't be able to open her mouth anytime soon. And I would be able to keep my eyes on her.

I entered my room to find Tara on my bed. She was rapidly blinking her eyes, indicating that now she was going to get awake.

Atlast she opened her eyes. That brought a smirk on my face. Now is the time to show her the real me.

As she was struggling to get up from her laying position. I brought the nearby chair and placed it beside the bed, right in front of her and sat on it.

Her gaze snapped, she looked at me horrified. Her eyes were clearly showing that she was not expecting me as soon as she would wake up.

"So you passed out huh ! Are you that afraid of me?" I asked her with a smirk on my face. Evilness again ran through my blood as I was thinking all the punishments I could give to her.

" I want to go from here. You are the devil. I will not live here. You are bad. I want to go to my Vimla Masi. Just go away." She snapped with tear filled eyes.

Her emotions were everywhere. She again started to struggle to get off the bed.

" Stay where you are and don't struggle!" I commanded.

Her struggling stopped.

I smirked, " You don't want to marry me? Huh ! But dear, do you know how much havoc you have caused in my life? How much you have made me struggled? We are engaged, even then you tried to ran away from me. Was it a way to behave with your future husband and future in laws?"

My smirk wiped off my face as now I was glaring her with heated gaze.

She flinched. Ofcourse! She knew whatever she did was very wrong.

" Do you even realise a bit that this cowardly act of yours would have brought us a huge shame around the world once the news of you running away would be out taking rounds in the media? I would be a laughing stock, not only in my own country but also in the underworld if media even comes to realise that you tried to ran away. And you just ran off like that ! How did you even dare ?"

I clenched my fist as I asked her with gritted teeth. Anger was getting the best of me but still I tried to keep myself calm for her sake, and so I asked her in a eerily calm voice with as much as I could mustered.

She was looking at me with a glare. Her fear, like always, got dispersed in thin air.

" What do you think of yourself devil? You are not going to hold me down. Vimla masi told me that if I feel that something is going wrong then I should go to the police station. So let me leave. I will go and complain about you to the police. "

I chuckled. Not just chuckled, I was laughing out loud. Hearing her words made me so badly laugh that I just couldn't control myself. She was still in her fairyworld.

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