Chapter 29

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Abhinay's pov


My blood boiled as I again caught her sneaking her way out of the room. With my raised voice I stopped her which made her flinched.

She was visibly shaking, but do I care? The way she betrayed me, she deserves all the punishment I could serve to her.

What did she think of herself? Now let me make it clear to her.

Now is the time for her to meet the real me.

" I -I am sorry." She whispered meekily.

" Oh dear, you will be very sorry." I smirked sinisterly.

Her eyes watered as she looked at me pleadingly. She took a shaky breath and continued to looked at me with her shaking body.

But suddenly, she dropped on the ground. Her eyes fluttered shut as she passed out.

Oh my! She was that scared of me. I am going to scare her off more so that in future, she won't even dare think about fleeing away.

Third point of view

* Sunshine orphanage *

A loud gush of excitment spread as the kids howled with happiness when they saw her long awaited Vimla Masi on the autorickshaw coming on their way to the orphanage.

"Stop this auto right here." Vimla, a woman of around fifty years of age, came out of the auto. After paying for the drive to the auto driver, she eagerly walked and  entered the orphange.

"Masi.. Masi.. Masi..." all the kids of the orphanage howled with excitement.

" Bacho, please keep quiet. See I bring so many wonderful toys and dishes for all."

" What did you brought for us?" One of the girl around age seven asked with her chubby smile.

Vimla smiled affectionately at her and crouched down.
" Preety, my dear, you remember at one time you asked me to bring you a barbie doll?"

Preety nodded frantically with excitement.

" I will give it to you but in the evening. Will it be ok for you?"

Her smile widened, " Thank you Masi."

" Your welcome dear."

" What did you brought for me Masi?" A boy of age twelve asked her with the hopeful eyes.

" Dear, Like I said, I have bring so many things. But before all that tell me how are you all studying?"

" We are doing good Masi." Another girl answered.

Vimla caressed her cheeks affectionately and smile at her. 
" My dear lovely kids, it is so lovely that I meet you all. I was missing you all so much. Thanku for such sweet welcome and greeting me on the gate."

With the happiness and excitement, all the kids hugged her.

"Now it's the time for me to meet your Sheela Maa. Ok kids. Now I will meet all of you in evening." She said affectionately.

"Ok Masiii"

"Sheela, sister where are you?"

With a smiling face Sheela came to face Vimla.

" Welcome back dear! How was your journey."

" It's so tiring Sheela. Finally after one month I am here. And I am really happy that now I will be able to meet and spend my time with these wonderful kids."

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