Chapter 1 (edited)

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Abhinay Pov

"Boss... He was the one who was betraying you and feeding all the necessary information to our rival Malhotras. Not only that, he also took our money and ran away like a coward. I was having doubts about him for quite a long time but I had no evidences against him. That's why he was safe until now." With that my second in command 'Viraj' kicked in the stomach of the "man" who was currently lying on the floor, under my mercy.

Bloody bastard! he dared to double cross me. A fool that he was. He doesn't know what was coming and now would pay the price for his betrayal with his life.

"Tell me why you did that? My money was not enough to feed you so you decided to betray me? " I asked him in my deadly calm voice, leaning back on the chair I was sitting on.

"P-please lea-leave me. I am s-sorry. I didn't m-mean to betray y-you. I was blinded by the gr-greed. Pl-please leave me. I am s-sorry." He stuttered.

"First answer my question." My voice still calmed.

" He-he offered me a big am-amount of mo-money that I coul-couldnt deny. I am so-sorry. I have family. Please lea-leave me." He cried out.

"BLOODY BASTARD. I TRUSTED YOU AS MY MAN AND YOU FED ALL THE CRUCIAL INFORMATION TO MY RIVAL, YOU DESERVE TO DIE. " I yelled at him angrily and with the one swift move, I stood up from my chair and pointed my gun straight at his forehead,
pulling the trigger with no second thought.

He died in the next moment.

I chuckled. He thought he could double cross me. What he doesn't know is I AM ABHINAY SINGH, and no one dares to cross my path, let alone betray me.

I am a billionaire and an owner of a company ," SINGH GROUP OF INDUSTRIES ". I built this company with my hard work, determination and reached to the height of success no others have ever achieved. But that bloody bastard feed all my important information to that fucking Malhotras and even dared to take my money and run off like a thief.

He deserved his punishment and that's what he got. He forgot that I am a mafia leader too who doesn't ignore betrayal and that too from my close members whom I trusted. Its not that all people know about me, but some of them who are employees in my company knows already about my other world and hence, they never dared to open their mouth because if so happens, they would die, as simple as that.

You may think what a cruel bastard I am ! Well I too agree, I am not any saint. I don't think twice before I kill someone if I am determined to kill him or her. I don't show mercy. I am ruthless in my business. People calls me arrogant in the outside world but those people from my underworld, they knows that I am dangerous, wicked, a devil in disguise and what not! Everyone fear me and I love being in control.

Talking about my love life, I don't have any nor I am having anytime for that shit. All girls are bitches, sluts and think they can control me and wrap me around their tiny fingers. But too bad for them, I don't do relationships, I am uncontrollable! I always love being in control.

Girls throw themselves at me because of my power, money and handsome face but too bad, I don't even give a single glance towards them. Though sometimes I use them for my pleasure. Those girls are nothing more than sluts anyways so there's nothing wrong spending my money on them for one night.

"Boss, what do we do next? " One of my men asked, breaking the trance I was in.

"Get rid of the body."

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