Chapter 26

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Abhinay pov

" Congratulations beta. I am so happy for you. May god bless this union." My mom blessed me and Tara as we slid the ring in each others ring finger.

Mom reached the hall just before the time of my engagement. I guess she was busy somewhere. But the happiness in her eyes was something to cherish.

I only fake smiled. People cheered happily whoever were present in our party. But I could sense the envy radiating off some of the girls while giving us their fake smiling. Too bad, their opinion doesn't matter to me and so, as usual I just ignored them.

Roaming my eyes all around the hall, my eyes laid on the most saddest and confused girl present in this hall with a frown etching over her face. Tara.

I cleared my throat to get her attention, and she snapped her eyes at me.

Her eyes were looking at me with such innocence that for a second my heart melt away. Almost.

" Tara, you are looking so beautiful, my future daughter in law. Oh my ! Why are you not smiling? Aren't you happy?" My mother questioned in a confused way.

Tara didn't said anything. She just kept quiet. But one glare from me, and she faked smile at everyone after darting her gaze away from me.

But she was eerily calm.. too calm after that threatening.
And I would be lying if I say her eerily calm attitude wasn't settling with me. I am enjoying how her eyes looked away as soon as her gaze met with my gaze.

" Well boss, I have still not overcome with the fact that this famous bachelor of this country is going to be hitched soon. I am so much happy for you. " I glared at Vinay who broke my thoughts with his chirpy voice and was just saying these things to tease me.

He quickly shut his mouth.

As soon as we got free from all this party shit, I grabbed Tara and took her into her room.

" Ahhh leave me !!"
" You are hurting me devil..!"

Ignoring her wordings, I dragged her to her room and with a bang shut the door of the room.

She flinched and looked at me with her wide eyes.

" W-why you shut the door of the room? I want to go out. Open the door." She dared to command me in her shivering voice. This made me smirk as now I knew that I have full control over her fear.

" Why sweetheart?" I chirped smirkingly.

God ! I am enjoying those expressions.

" Open the door.. or.. or..."

" Or what !?" I asked arrongantly with my raised eyebrow.

You can't do anything Tara.. You will follow my command. You are my prisoner, and not to forget, a troublemaker of my life. Oh how badly I am going to make you pay !! Just wait and watch.!!

" Or I am going to go out and tell your mom that you are devil. Then I will see aunty beat you with a broom. And those two demons will laugh at you like a joker. Do you want me to do that? " She dared threatening in an arrogantly stupid way. Once again her fear for me in her eyes just vanished in a few seconds. With her crossed arms she was giving me a challenging look.

So much of dare....

" Do you know it will take just a few second for me to take out my gun and pull the trigger to your forehead. I could kill you in an instant and then bury you in the backyard of my house. No one will ever find out. So I suggest don't you dare threaten this mafia leader." I talked in an eerily calm voice with my gaze fixed on her.

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