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" D-do-don't k-kill me" she begged, looking at my gun and sobbing loudly. Tears were flowing from her eyes as those eyes were fixed on my gun. She was struggling quite a lot and henceforth my men have to seized her by holding her arms tightly.

"Now, why would I do that??" I asked her with a chuckle. A smirk came on my lips as I looked at her face while twirling my gun in my hand. I always like when my victims beg me for mercy. Something which I don't have.

"Y-you are a g-go-good boy. Killing people is wr-wrong. Vimla masi told me, it is wrong to hur-hurt people. Every person is good by h-heart and you are a good person. God will be sad if-if you hu-hurt me." She stated while sobbing. Her tears were flowing continuously like a waterfall while looking at me straight in my eyes.

My eyes widen hearing her words. She is lecturing me !? ME !?? How dare she ?. Doesnt she realise who i am? With one trigger of my gun and her life would be end.

" Girl, do you even realise who i am that you are daring to lecture me ?" I asked, my voice deadly calm, watching her keenly and waiting for her reply and then..

She gave me her stupidest reply ever I heard from anyone till now.

"Hu-human? Yo-you are h-human." She blabbered with confused innocent expression, eyes widen, with fear lacing her voice.

What !? I was shocked at her reply.

She is playing with me? A Mafia Leader !?

My shocked face soon replaced by the anger as I curled my fingers tightly over the revolver with my jaws clenched as I glared at her.

God!! is she dumb or what !!

She was having a confused face and then looked like she is in deep thought searching for something in her mind and then her eyes widen like something striked her mind just now. I understood that now she had recognised me as of who i am. I waited proudly for her answer to hear but what she said next just made me to smack either myself or her.

"Y-you are a-an A-ALIEN?? Oh my g-god..! You a-ar-are no human?? Oh go-god, alien pl-plz leave me, I-i will n-not tell any-anyone about you. I-I promise." she stated and started her blabbering of how to let her go. She started panicking, thrashing in my men arms, believing that currently she is in the hold of some alien people.

How stupid is she? Is she trying to pull an act here? I thought confusedly with my anger at bay.

I looked around my men. Though they were scared of me but all were controlling themselves not to laugh. Fucking bastards.

I looked at that girl again and narrowed my eyes at her. Doesnt she knows who am I or is she just acting? I could end her life with just one flick.

"Oh babygirl!! I can just show u how much of a big alien i am." I stated in my stern voice with a stoic face and glared at her. " Now tell me ur name. "

" T-Tara, Mr alien." she replied while my men were controlling hard not to laugh.

I just glared at them," Show me one of your teeth and i will not hesitate to put my bullet inside u FUCKING BASTARDS.!!" I yelled while glaring each one of them.

" What is fucking bastard? " came a question from that same girl in a timid voice while having a confused face, looking at me like i have grown two horns on my head.

My eyes widen? Is she for real?? I looked at my men again and their eyes were wide like a saucer, each one of them having a shocked or surprised face as they observed the girl, looking at her keenly.

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