Chapter 5

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Tara pov

I didnt know I would get free from one problem, only to get myself in another problem. I thought that guy who kneeled beside the bed looking straight in my eyes under the bed was a prince of this house. But I didnt know, this prince is dangerous. He pointed his gun at me twice in one day. Oh god! what if he would kill me. I think he is an alien. Vimla masi told me so many stories about alien at one point when I insisted her. He must be an alien, the way he asked me who he is. I could only think about it.

But again he called himself devil. Oh god!! what if he is devil ! No, this cant be possible. A devil is having two horns and big dangerous red eyes. He dont have any. So, he cant be a devil like he claimed to be.

But what if...

No no no!! this cant be possible.

I have to escape as soon as possible. This alien could eat me like what Vimla masi told me at one point.Oh! where did I trapped myself into.

Currently I am in the basement enjoying my ice-cream and food surrounding by his men. They were frightening me. They all were huge with a bulky muscles. But that was not more making me scared than that one person who claimed to be devil just a few hours ago. I am scared what if he comes and start threatening me like before.

Soon my chain of thoughts broke when I heard footsteps coming towards the basement and that dangerous prince again came along with other two whom I dont know still, but this time without his other men except the other two.

He gestured the other men something from his eyes that were present with me before and within a next few seconds they all walked out of the basement.

My heart started racing when I looked at those three of them. I dont know why but I was scared in their presence. This human scares me.

God please save me !!

Abhinay pov

" What is she doing now?" I asked keeping my eyes on the file that were on the table. Frustratingly, I rubbed my face with my palm and continued reading the file without looking at Vinay.

" She is eating her ice cream and her lunch. Right now." Vinay answered.

" Hmm " I hummed without meeting his eyes.

When I sensed he is still present in my office, I looked up and raised my one eyebrow at him.

" Do you want to say anything Vinay ?" I asked

" How long are you planning to keep her here ? I - I mean, what she seems to me is innocent cute girl. I dont think she is any spy." Vinay said with a confident look over his face.

I raised both my eyebrows at him.

" What do you want to say?" I looked at him suspiciously " Are you crushing on her ?". God! what is happening to him. Seriously, Is he falling in love or something? It's not like I care, but what I know she is not his type. It would be very shocking to me if he change his taste from feisty, smart and intelligent girl to stupid, annoying, crazy girl.

" Wha- what !! No- no that's crazy. " He chuckled.

" Well it looks like to me that you are crushing. " I smirked at him and teased him. He looked away but after that he looked at me again with a straight face.

" I remember some work. I have to go now." He said and I just know he wants to distract himself away from the topic.

" Wait a minute, last time I asked you about the information of that girl who is there in that basement. Did you find out something ?" I asked him.

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