Chapter 31

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Tara pov

Today is the day...

The day where my life could be changed. The day Vimla masi had once talked about. The day when I would be a bride, dressed in a red lehnga and would wait for my groom to take me away along with him to start a new life filled with promises, trust and love. These were the sayings Vimla masi had told me once.

But she had also told me that my prince charming would be that groom. He would enter my life and would always love and protect me from that dayan Sheela Maa.

But never in my nightmare I had thought that I could be force in a life which I don't want on any cost.

That devil would marry me forcefully and I would never be able to escape from this hell. I would always be bounded here and would work for him as a command.

My mind was running into all this talk as I realised what my upcoming future holds for me.

I fear he would be just like Sheela Aunty who had always beaten me and taunted me.

But I feel that I need to grow more stronger than ever. Vimla masi was not here to protect me. I need to protect myself.

Today I would try my another escape attempt.

"Get ready, we are going to get marry today." Abhinay ordered as soon as he entered in the room in which I was kept forcefully.

" For what !" I also glared at him. Yet my tears betrayed me as soon as they filled to the brim of my eyes.

" For your hell journey. " He said, crossing his arms over his chest and glared at me intimidately.

" Tara! One thing I want it very clear that you will not create any scene. We can marry either the easy way without creating a scene or the hard way where I will slap you in front of everyone if the situation demands me to do. I am very clear about it Tara. I thought to give you some grand wedding since we are rich and we can afford luxurious wedding but since you are such a ungrateful bitch that made me changed my decision. So now here  we are, going to the temple and will marry in front of few witnesses. You will only follow my lead silently. And if you do not comply then I am stating this very clear, I am going to kill you. This time I will. Because my reputation is more worth than your life." He spat hatefully.

" And my life ? What about my life? You are a bad man. Why I will marry you? Why I will ruin my own life for you.  I don't want this, just let me leave. I will go to the orphanage from where I came from. My Vimla Masi would also have come till now. I want to meet her. Take me to my orphanage. I don't want this." I said all this with my crying voice. Tears which were at the brim of my eyes, started to flow as I looked at him with my pitiful demeanour.

"  I don't want to listen to anything. Currently you are in no position to make demands. And about this marriage thing. Marriage will happen. And it will happen today. Sharp at 12pm my men will escort you and bring you to the temple. There is no grand wedding. We will marry in the temple. You better start your preparation. And atleast look presentable like a bride. My men will give you your wedding dress and beauticians will arrive within twenty minutes. I expect you that you won't force me to do any bad to you. Because this time Tara.." He sighed, looking at me with his sharp gaze, " there will be no mercy. You create one hindrence and I am very much willing to drag you by your hair and manhandling you in front of all. I have no shame." He threatened while I looked at him with my wide fearful eyes.

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