chapter 14

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My readers, get ready to read a long chapter.
Abhinay pov

Have you ever wondered that your mind is continuously nagging you to do something, to stop the situation slipping out of your hands but it's like your hands and legs are tied and you can't do a single thing to prevent the situation you so badly wanted to be out?

I am currently sitting on the chair of dining table with maa and the girl of my nightmare beside me, glaring her to the side of her face but as usual she was ignoring me. My heart was anxious, what if she blurted out something and I won't be able to do a thing to save myself. A scowl was probably etched on my face as I studied her entire form with intent who was busy digging into the food like she was just starved for days.

" Why didn't you come on time for dinner, child?" My maa asked her slightly sternly as Tara finished her food.

I dont know why but I could see the undescribable glint in her eyes as she continued to gaze at her, more like studying her entire form.

Tara wiped her mouth childishly with the back of her hands as she snapped her gaze towards my maa.

" I was sleeping." She said simply.

" That was not the right time to sleep. You should not sleep in evenings. Were you sick?" My maa asked her.

Like I said, my maa is very strict in every prespective of life. She won't hesitate to give free advice regarding health and life routines which I certainly don't follow. But ofcourse I can pretend, atleast when maa is here.
But fortunately for me,my maa don't know that, and I won't let her know too bacause she won't like a habit of someone, especially me, sleeping in evenings. One should sleep at night early and wake up early in the morning and should have atleast eight hours of sleep.

" Kind of. My body was aching." She said pouting, bring me out of my trance and to my horror she sneezed.

Instantly maa's face was etched with concern towards this girl.

Oh no god !!

" Why are you sneezing? Are you feeling cold?"

" Yes Aunty." tara said softly as she was looking at my mom with her innocent filled doe like eyes.

" What happened so suddenly?"

" Devil punished me." she said meekly.

My breath hitched as soon as I heard her words. Can't she just shut up or better, she can think before speaking..!? I sneered internally but kept my mouth shut, ofcourse not wanting to create any scene right now.

I studied her with intent. She seems so innocent, but who knows, like I said before, she could be trying to pull an act of innocence in front of me and now trying to trap me in a situation. That's why I don't trust her one bit.

I could feel my anger was rising towards this girl. But above all I could feel my anxious heart which was racing, thinking about the outcome of this conversation.

I looked at my maa, only to find she was already looking at her weirdly. Like tara had grown two horns over her head.

" Wh--" My maa started but I cut her off.

" Maa, I think you should get some rest." I said desperately with a smile and then glanced at Tara and continued," And Tara you should go to your room as well." I glared at her while plastering a sweet smile on my face, not wanting my mom to get suspicious that there is something wrong here.

" Huh !? Devil I am not going anywhere.!!" She snapped suddenly, making my eyes go wide at her audacity.

First, she called me devil and that too in front of maa!! And second, she raised her voice at me..!!

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