Chapter 27

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Tara pov

Looking around the house, it was clear that they had a tight security. How I am going to cross that gate !? It is still a mystery for me. But I will escape. I have to before I loose my chance.

Vimla maasi.. Where are you? I need your help. I hate these bad people. And that devil, he is very bad. He is forcing me to marry him. I don't want to marry. And I will not marry.

I already changed my morning clothes to an another simple salwar kurta. It was the first time I wore this kurta so that no one could recognise me in it.

Hiding behind the elegant pillar, I searched for anyone who could notice me. No ! The people who were present in the hall were busy in doing wedding preparation, they are new and they don't know me. Infact they had not seen me even once. It means that I could easily escape from here without anyone noticing me.

I slide me dupatta over my head, carefully hiding my face behind the veil and stepped out from that elegant pillar. Very carefully I walked towards the main door of the house, hoping that no one could catch me.

" HEY YOU LISTEN !" My heart stopped when I realise a feminine voice directed towards me, and that too a familiar voice.

Vimla maasi ! Please help me !!

My heart was beating fast. It was crying in dread.
I turned around with the dupatta still over my head and kept mum.

I recognised her as the mother of that devil. I kept mum and didn't dare to open my mouth and speak because I know she will recognise me within a second if she heard my voice.

" Look over there. There are flowers in that basket. Put those flowers inside the praying room. " She ordered.

A sigh escaped my lips as I realise she didn't recognise me.

I nodded heftly and turned towards the direction of the basket.

Hastily I started walking towards the basket but again she stopped me with her voice.

" Wait !"

My heart stopped. What is the problem of that woman? I don't understand. Please god ! Help me !

I stopped right there but didn't turned around.

" Why you put that veil over your head? Slide it down." She ordered firmly.

My heart now started racing with a fast pace. What should I do? Oh god! if I remove my dupatta she would catch me. May be she would tell this to that devil and he would be surely more angered from me.

In nervousness, I started wiggling my fingers, praying to god to do some miracle and save me from my doom.

She forwarded her hand to pull off my veil to which I stepped back unconsciously. I could see her frowning face so clearly through my thin veil.

Again, she stepped closer and reached for my veil to pull it off. My breath hitched, my heart raced in anticipation.

" Meera !" Someone shouted from the behind.

I grabbed the hem of my veil in order to stop her from pulling it off my face.

Whoever the person was, he reached us and looked at me with a frown.

" Meera ! What are you doing here? I told you to go outside and bring those things I ordered you. You are still here. Come on! Go or we are going to be late for all these preparations" He scolded me but still I kept mum.

" Shyam Lal ji, who is she? And.. why she had put the veil over her face?" Aunty asked him confused.

" Mam, actually she is my wife. We people are from Rajasthan. It's a tradition for the women over there to hide their faces and don't show it to anyone. My wife is a bit shy and follows her tradition too well. I think she is the only woman among the staff that had hide her face and follows this tradition by heart." He told her, proudness clearly evident in his voice.

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