Chapter 21

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Abhinay pov

"So Aunty, you can call me BITCH other than Tara. I really loved this 'bitch' name. Wow ! I don't understand people have weird choices for a nicknames. But then again, nicknames are always weird. And ' bitch ' is such a cute nickname. I loved it." I sputtered out the tea as I coughed vigrously while putting my cup of tea back on the table carefully, not wanting to burn myself with the hot tea.

Tara chirped so happily, moving her hands here and there in the air to get more pronounce effect over whatever shit she was blabbering out without any thought.

And here, all of our jaws dropped in shock and horror while looking at her with our wide eyes in total disbelief.

My heart thundered inside my chest as Maa shot me an angry glare. Her expression itself described that she ain't finding this funny. While I myself was shell shocked from the words that I heard from Tara.

Please tell me, is she still acting? Does she take my warning as nothing? I told her to think before speak ; I am shocked that she dare took me so lightly. My insides were bubbling with anger, but I calmed it down. It's not a time to loose temper.

Viraj's jaw was still hanging low as he continued to look at Tara in disbelief and shocked, while Vinay was struggling hard to control his laugh, but with just one glare from my mom and he instantly composed himself and sat straight.

" She seems very funny." Maa remarked, with her voice composed as she looked at Tara who was smiling sheepishly at all of us while peeking from under her lashes.

This was meant to be an insult for her, but she took this at all the other level of her understanding as she continued with her chirpy happy voice,

'' I know aunty, people used to call me funny. But you know, I am not a funny kind of a girl. If any, I am incredibly serious girl. I don't understand why people finds me funny. It's not like I joke around with people. Instead some of the people jokes with me, and I laughed off even though I don't find any humor in those jokes..." and she continued blabbering non stop.

Maa shot her eyes at me with her look saying, 'So-you-fall-in-love-with-this-kind-of-girl'.

I looked away, trying to divert my mind somewhere else. My mom's gaze was questioning my choice and I don't know what to say, what's there to reply anyway? I know Tara is stupid. But this level of stupidity..!? I just can't imagine even now and certainly I don't want to hear this from mother nor from anyone.


'Bitch' seriously? Who named her bitch? I clenched my jaws while pressuring my mind to remember who dare gave her this nickname? I don't remember anyone calling her with this name. I am confused. Suddenly it striked my mind...

Oh shit...

No no no...

I remembered I called her bitch today, and that too in this morning.

Oh no... shit shit shit...!!

She took this cursed word as her nickname? Is she fucking serious?

My inner side was laughing like crazy at her stupidity. Oh lord! Is she that crazy idiot? Oh no ! What deeds I did in the past that you crashed this half cracked girl in my mansion and now I am going to be bound with her without any choice.!! Now, she has become my new headache. I don't understand whether I should laugh at her or should cry for her? Well, it doesn't matter. I have to compose myself, because in front of maa I have to be look like that I am so in love with her. I have no choice.

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