Chapter 17

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Abhinay pov

" Today I want to meet my future daughter in law  Son"

These were the exact words continuously echoed in my ears as my mom said to me over a phone just half an hour ago.

'Today I want to meet my future daughter in law.'

I huffed as I took a sip of my apple juice, sitting on a chair in my office room, with my two best idiot buddy in my office.

" You are gone now." Viraj said chuckling, interupting my thoughts.

" What do you mean?" I frowned," And stop laughing at me idiot." I said annoyed.

" Aunty just called you and asked you for a bride. Where the hell would you arrange this bride at the moment" Viraj said thoughtfully.

" I don't know." I sighed.

I still don't know why my maa is hell bound to get me married. I am happy as I am. I don't need a wife. What the hell am I meant to do with my wife. !?

Girls are only just for use. Use them and throw them. I have had my beautiful nights with so many beautiful gorgeous women. Then why it is important for me to get married.

But maa...sigh. She will not understand me.

" Viraj find me a bride." I commanded suddenly.

They both shot their eyes to me.

'' WHAT !!" They yelled surprised.

I instantly put my both hands over my ear.

" Stop shouting you idiots!!"

" Are you out of your fucking mind bro?" Vinay asked with a raised eyebrow.

" Shut up. Find me a a girl who is ready to act as my wife. I am already having so many deals, meetings, presentation on my plate. I can't be distracted by this marriage thing or busy myself in finding a bride." I huffed and took another sip of my apple juice.

" We have to meet mom today this afternoon after I get over with all my meetings for today. Go and arrange me a bride. Otherwise I don't know she would start this arguement again as soon as she will see me." I added.

" Ok boss."

" Be sure she would not be like a slut. She should be a normal indian girl. My maa wants me to have a Indian girl ' a sanskari type' remember."

" If I could find this kind of girl I will bring her to you."

I sighed.

" Boss, do you want me to kidnap a girl ?"  Viraj asked.

I looked at him weirdly.

He might have noticed my confusion because in next moment he again said,
" These kind of girl can only be found near a temple, or perhaps any orphanage. I bet they all will be a sanskari type girl. Do you want me to kidnap any one of them?"

I pursed my lips in a straight line. Is he fool or what?

" Are you idiot?" I said straight.

" What?"

" Do you really think I would marry any sanskari type or behenji kind of girls?" I raised my brows at him.

" W-what?" He was confused.

" Don't be foolish Viraj, I am not going to marry any girl. I mean look at me. It's my bachelor life. Do you really think I am going to get it wasted?"

" So you mean you want to marry when you get old ?" He looked at me weirdly and confused.

" I will marry when my heart desires. But for now, my heart desires for this bachelor life." I snapped, taking a sip of my apple juice I continued, " Find a girl who is ready to pull up this facade. Offer her some money. Girls are always greedy for money anyways. I don't mind. Just find her, don't kidnap her, just offer her and bring her to me within forty five minutes. "

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