Chapter 6

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Abhinay Pov

" People called us devil because we are in the mafia. We are the most feared mafia of this country." I said proudly, looking at her, waiting for her expression.




" Wowwwwwww" She chimed childishly with her eyes widen, filled with admiration and pride. We all three just looked at her stupidly yet again. That was not the expression I expected from her in a least way. And yet again, this girl left me dumbfounded once again.

This girl is mental probably. People just pee in their pants whenever they hear our names. Just the name of 'DEVIL' is enough to get them fainted and here this girl, filled with all admiration, amazement and pride after knowing we are in the fucking mafia. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER?

" You do not fear us?" Viraj asked her shockedly, breaking my trance of thoughts.

" Fear !! Why!?" She asked confusedly looking at all of us.

" We are in the mafia !! Not in any fucking basketball team that you are just admiring us !!" Viraj yelled at her, clenching his jaw and glaring at her furiously, making her flinched.

And I really don't mind Viraj. This girl, in a way insulted us. Before, we can proudly say who we are. Though my real identity is hidden from this world as I am a billionaire, but in the underworld I am known as a "devil". I take immense pride in it when that feared look crossed over my victim's face just by listening my name. But after knowing, this crazy, stupid girl is proudly admiring us like she just met her favourite hero of her favourite movie, this is making me fucking crazy.!!!

Is she that fucking idiot??

" We are in the mafia. Do you know what is mafia?" I asked her as calmly as possible, controlling all my sanity to not waste on this stupid girl.

She looked at us with confused eyes. I smirked. She is so idiot.

" We kill people brutally, smuggle drugs and weapons across the country, there's no mercy, no regrets when we kill people. We are what you would call a heartless person. And yes, we found immense pride in it. People fear us, they are scared of us." I said proudly. Her once amazed eyes now turned into a horrifying eyes when my words sank in her, while looking straight into my eyes.

" Uh-oh so you ki-kill pe- people?" she slutter with her eyes flooded with fear.

" That's what he said " Viraj snapped and I just smirked at her reading her facial expression.

Her gaze instantly landed on Viraj and then Vinay. I followed her gaze and looked at Vinay too. He was looking amused, shocked and other emotions which I couldn't decipher.
I again looked at her, only to find she was staring at me already.

" Staring is wrong." I repeated her words from before and smirked.

" God will be hurt after knowing you kill innocent people and doing crimes. You will go straight to the hell when you die." She said snifling but with a slight anger and more fear look gracing her face with her tears began welling up in her eyes. " Don't you want to go to heaven after death?" She said innocently with her big doe glistening eyes, making all of us froze.

I thought about what she just said.

Gosh!! If there's another one in place of me, he might had killed her before she uttered those words.

But nevertheless, it was such an innocent question. No one had ever asked me. I looked at Vinay and Viraj and they both were looking dumbfoundly at her.

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