Chapter 9

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Abhinay Pov
" I was running from the demons and the devil" She said making my eyes widen and so did the others except the one woman who was still calm but confusion started growing on her face as she keeps on looking at Tara.

" Who is demon and who is devil dear? Whom you are refering to?Are you all right dear?" My mom asked with confused expression whatsoever.

Oh god!! She shouldn't hurled out our secrets. I would kill her if she did.

'' YOU DON'T KNOW!? There's a devil in this house, right at this moment...!!" She said shockedly and moving both of her hands in the air to exaggerate what she was saying, while my anger was just growing with each passing second.

" Dear-"

" Aunty you should go and take rest. It's already late. Please aunty, we don't want you to get tired." Vinay interfered before my mom complete her sentence, making me heave out a sigh in relief.

" No !! I want to talk to this girl. Now." My mom said rather sternly and turned her gaze to that crazy stupid girl again, making my heart to pound in the chest.

Please God save me!! If I have any idea about the possibilty of this situation, I would personally make sure to tied her.

" Tara? right!" my mom asked.

" Yes" she said with a broad smile.

" So dear-" I cut off my mom.

" Maa, Vinay is right. We will talk about my marriage later on. For now, it's time for you to get rest."I said with desperation in my voice, trying to distract her from Tara.

" Haww !! You are going to be married !?" Tara exclaimed suddenly by looking at me with the broadest smile she could ever give to anyone and her eyes lit up, almost like trying to give me a heart attack. FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS CRAZY STUPID GIRL IS SCARING THE BIGGEST MAFIA LEADER..!! SUCH AN INSULT FOR ME...!! HOW DARE SHE!! ARGHHH..

But I am helpless. This girl could led me to loose my respect in my mother's eyes and I could never afford that.

I smiled slightly looking at her, but glaring at her with my eyes, trying to tell her to fuck off from here before I turned her into a mush.

But as usual, she failed to get my message.

" Devil's going to get an angel.. Wowwww!! I am so excited" and here she blurted out making me frozen.

What the hell is she !??

But what shocked me was the way she clapped, stood from the couch and twirled like she just got her big chocolate candy, like a child. I turned around, glaring at all of my men, only to get that ashamed look over all their faces as they watched the show, but some were trying to control their laugh. Bastards !!

I turned to glare at the two fools sitting beside me.

When Viraj's gaze met mine, he quickly lowered it out of shame. But Vinay was having this amused look again as he continued watching the girl.

Viraj, Vinay I swear you both are gone now. Only god could save you from me...!!

I looked at Tara with my clenched jaws, trying to control my anger that was currently rising as per passing second. This girl is just getting on my nerves, but I have to control myself before I do something stupid.

" Wha- What ..!! Devil's ? Who is devil dear?" My mom asked genuinely confused.

" Aunty!! I told you this girl really fantasize about devil's and demons story. She still doesn't realise these things don't exist." Vinay interfered, but his voice giving out the desperation.

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