Chapter 32

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Tara pov

" What is going on here!?" She yelled at us angrily as she realised that we are now newly wedded couple.

My eyes teared up and a little hope emerges in my heart when I realised that she could save me from my doom.

I was stilled. Despite of my pity face, devil did not leave my hand. My heart was thundering as each passing second was weigh down on me. I realised I am the one who ran away from here. She must have known my escapade.

I was looking at her with my fearful yet hopeful gaze. My emotions were mixed up. I myself was not sure if I should fear her or not. But at this moment, the chance of her being my only escape route was high. I did not want to lose this moment.

"Please Aunty, He forcefully----"

" SHUT UP TARA!" Abhinay shouted, cutting my words off and making me flinched.

My timid gaze lowered at the ground. My bravery was thrown out of the window. I was hopeless.

" I told you Abhi. Forget this girl. And you! What the hell did you do? You married her !? I don't want her as my daughter-in-law. Do you know how much reputation we have in our society. But what did your girl do? Ran away like a coward. " She shouted angrily, glaring at him.

His hold tighted making me wince in pain. I was shocked that even this lady is behaving like Sheela Aunty.

What she would do now? Beat me up like Sheela aunty used to do?

" I married her Mom. Now she is my wife." Devil said calmly, even though his eyes hold anger and resentment.

" You married her. An unwilling woman. I am not able to understand what's so special about this foolish girl? She is dumb. She have no brains. Inspite of her foolish talks I agreed for your marriage with her. But what she did? She ran away." She yelled.

Tears flowed down my eyes as I heard all the bad words from aunty for me.

My gaze lowered, as I don't know what to say. I was the victim here. But aunty was accusing like it was my fault.

"I don't want her as my daughter- in- law. Take her away. She will not live here. I don't want this unfortunate girl in my home." She stated sternly with her cold gaze.

My fearful gaze looked at her but she did not want to look at me.

All the maids and servents came in the living room as a spectator to watch the drama going on.

" Tara is my wife. She will live here. Your consent whether she lives here or not does not matter because she is the new member of this family mom." He told her calmly.

" Oh so you will go against your mom Abhinay?" She glared at him.

" I don't want too. But I don't have other options. You wanted me to marry soon. And I did. Now please mom. Leave all this. I am tired. I have my own business to look after. Tara will not go away from here. That is final."

My widen eyes turned to look at him. My quivering lips wanted to let out few words in protest but I did not have enough courage.

Abhinay did not look at me anyway.

" Meera, Come here." He called one maid present over here and watching us all.

" Yes Sir"

" Take her to my room. And lock the door from the outside."

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