Chapter 18

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Abhinay pov

I was shocked, dumbstruck, numb as soon as I heard the words that flew out of viraj's mouth. My mouth agaped and eyes wide like saucers.

Soon I registered what just happened. And as soon as I took into the situation I curled my fist even more if possible. 

What rubbish does he said? How dare he said like that? How could he ! God so help me, I am gonna kill him now....!!

" WHAT !!" I snapped my gaze towards maa who was also frozen just like me. Her eyes wide and too shocked to react anything.

Then her eyes snapped to me. I could sense the anger building up in her eyes which was directed towards me, making me gulped in nervousness and anger.

I looked away, not having guts to meet my eyes with her. Somehow I was frustrated on myself too because once again I did the same mistake of relying on my idiotic dumbest friends.

Serve you right asshole!! See where this blind belief on your friends took you now !! My insides screamed at me.

Maa's eyes were still questioning me but I remained quiet, clueless to what I meant to speak now.

I again turned towards the two idiots and glared at both of them with same intensity. Hatred and anger was what I was feeling towards them. I swear they will pay for this.

" What did you just said Viraj." She asked him as she stared at him, then looked at me," What is that son? You are in love with that maid?" She glared at me.

I was about to say something in my defence but instantly cut off by Viraj.

" Maa, she is not a maid." Viraj defended that stupid girl and continued,"Infact he just said that to you because he don't want to raise suspicions that something was cooking in between them. He was actually scared you might disapprove this relationship." He said each and every word clearly and slowly and without any trace of hesitation. Then turned to glance at me but instantly looked away, unable to meet my gaze as I narrowed my eyes at him.

What !! What this asshole just said !!

I was quite astonished at his audacity, how he fluently lying straight to maa's face...!!

If anything more, I was only getting angry with each passing second.

" So you are in love with that maid. You should have told me before son." Maa scolded while stared at me accusingly.

Should I say to her I myself didn't know till now? Those assholes just trapped me here !!

Calm down Abhinay !! Too much anger is not good. My insides said to me.

Whatever. I prayed to god silently that maa would apparently disapprove this relationship. I don't want to marry that stupid crazy girl who could be from a mental asylum. Even though I am a most feared mafia leader in the underworld, but for the outside world, I am one of the most eligible rich bachelor and a rich businessman. I have a reputation to handle. How  can I even think to join my name with that stupid girl !?

Sigh . I took a deep breath and released in an attempt to calm myself down.

I don't know what to say to mom so I choosed to stay quiet and pull up my expressionless face while looking her way.

Maa studied me intently. Her eyes were having so many questions, I myself don't know how to answer them.

" My son can't live without that girl. He loves her so much. But sadly he didn't thought to tell me this before for once." Maa said to no one in particular, in a scolding tone as she continued to glance at each one of us.

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