The Adventurers' Guild

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As you and Scaramouche entered the Liyue Harbour, right away, there were uneasy stares from the locals. Honestly, you couldn't be bothered, you would try to stay as calm and collected as you can. Scaramouche, on the other hand, almost enjoyed the negative attention.

He continued to walk in all his glory, even glaring right back at the onlookers. It seemed like having you walking obediently behind him gave Scaramouche more confidence than if he were alone. It was like he was showing you off; what a pureblood Snezhnayan really looks like.

Anyway, you were wiping some sweat off your forehead as you made your way through the harbour. The sun was unforgiving with its heat radiating above Teyvat, sometimes you missed the chilly weather in Snezhnaya. Luckily for Scaramouche, he had a hat. You continued to suffer from the uncomfortable hotness and rays of sunshine in your eyes.

At the top of some stairs, there stood a little booth with a woman inside. From what you remembered, she was Katheryne, the one who has been seeing the Traveller daily.

"My Lord," You called for the young man's attention.

"What, [Y/N]?" Scaramouche turned his head to glance at you, the trinkets on his hat jiggled at the movement.

Smoothly, you shifted your eyes to the booth and silently gestured that the target was right there. After following your gaze, he smirked quite mischievously and extended his hand towards you.

"Ladies first," He motioned you to step ahead of him, taking your hand and making you lead the way.

Not wanting to disappoint your superior, you made your way towards the stairs. Each step made you feel like there were eyes on your body. Perhaps it was the locals watching your every move, a Fatui Harbinger was right behind you after all.

Glancing around, it didn't seem like there were any people out of the ordinary. You wondered why you felt like you were being stared at. Still, you didn't want to be caught by surprise so you had both of your hands on your hips, in case you needed to pull out your weapons.

After climbing up, the woman turned to look at both of you. Her expression wavered a little bit, but she returned back to her regular welcoming smile.

"Ad astra abyssosque! Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild." She greeted the two of you, looking at each person.

"Hello," You placed your hands on the table politely. "Katheryne, is it? We would like to have a word with you."

"Yes?" The woman questioned.

"Well, you see," Scaramouche smiled in a friendly manner, turning into the manipulator he is. "We have a few questions about a certain girl that has been coming here every now and then."

Katheryne folded her hands together on her stomach, "I've spoken to plenty of girls who are part of the Adventurers' Guild. Your description is quite vague."

"Where is the Traveller?" You cut straight to the point and the Harbinger allowed it, almost in an encouraging way. "We heard from sources that she would go to specific locations to complete duties or 'commissions'. Tell us where she is and we will be on our way."

Katheryne seemed to be choosing her words carefully, "I'm afraid I cannot give away other adventurers' commission information without proper permission from said adventurer. If you would like: you can leave a small note for her to receive tomorrow."

"We don't have time to wait for the Traveller until tomorrow." You replied a little impatiently since you didn't want Scaramouche to throw a fit. "We recommend that you tell us where her commissions are so we can meet up with her. It would be unwise to keep us waiting."

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