The Line You Crossed

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Lumine ran out of gliding stamina, causing the both of you to have a rough landing onto a grassy area. A little dizzy and disoriented from the sudden fall, you got up groggily and immediately went to check if your weapons were still intact.

The sound of birds chirping and animals scurrying about brought your attention to the setting around you. A large stone mountain covered the sun and left you in unsettling dim light. There were puddles here and there. Strange plants were littered across the earth. For the first time, you felt scared being in this foreign land.

As you looked around helplessly to take in your surroundings, you were starting to feel like you were drowning above land. You were all alone in Liyue, you weren't exactly familiar with the nation's geography. All you did was follow Scaramouche wherever he went.

It didn't help realizing he wasn't here with you, it made you a hundred times fearful since you remembered the treacherous betrayal you committed. Your chest was now heaving up and down erratically as you tried to take in your surroundings.

Your hands were shaking and you felt a coat of cold sweat wash down the back of your neck. A small whimper left your mouth, all of a sudden, you sank to your knees. You were overcome with incredible sadness and sorrow, it was enough to make you cry.

"Woah, okay," Lumine exclaimed and immediately sat down with you, touching your arm comfortingly. "Are you alright?"

Paimon floated over your head and leaned down to look at you, "Don't cry, [Y/N]! This is good, you're finally away from that hat guy!"

Lumine wiped your tears, "Tell me what's wrong."

"I just... don't understand..." You whispered feverishly.

The Traveller frowned, "Is it the brainwashing thing?"


"Yeah, Paimon doesn't get it either!" The floating girl shrugged her small shoulders.

More tears poured from your eyes and you struggled to keep up with wiping them. You felt your throat tightened when you tried holding in your cries but it only made it harder to breathe. A great sob escaped from your mouth and you covered your face shamefully.

All this time, you were merely the hollow, perfect, creation Scaramouche made you out to be. You've wondered why he was always proud of you, after all, it's almost impossible to impress him. Of course, it must have all been the rewiring of your mind, turning you into a flawless soldier. Programmed to his liking.

"We need to get moving," Lumine tried to get you to stand up. "We still need to find the treatment for your older brother's illness."

With a sniffle, you lifted your head, "You said that you already know how to cure him..."

"I said, I might know-"

Lumine grabbed your arm quickly when you pulled out your gun to shoot her. Both of your faces glowed icy blue as the weapon charged up with overwhelming power. There was a short fight for dominance until your hand was pushed to the side as you pulled the trigger.

There was a loud bang and a panicked yelp. An ice shard shot through the air and hit the boulder behind Lumine, cracks slowly spreading across the rock from the bullet's explosive power. The girl braced for you to attack her once again but you ended up backing down, throwing the firearm to the side.

"I've betrayed my Lord...! For nothing!" You sobbed uncontrollably. "He hates me for sure! H-He'll even kill me! I should have stayed with him! What have I done?!"

Quietly, Lumine patted your shoulder gently and tried to reassure you, "I think you're a victim of the brainwashing too... I'm sorry, [Y/N], I truly am... I promise, we will find a cure."

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