The Dream Both of You Had (PART I)

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It was such a long time ago, it was almost impressive that you remembered the events in perfect detail. In your dream-like state, you could feel yourself standing on your feet, legs apart in a ready-position, and a scarf wrapped on your neck. The snow, how you missed the snow, was falling from the grey clouds onto Snezhnayan grounds, coating everything in white.

You remembered the smell of gunpowder, water, and dirt. It was evaluation day, a very important day where recruits from different sections come together to fight for a chance to be promoted to a higher position. It's very stressful for recruits but it was kind of an easy day for you.

At that time, you were already at a Lieutenant's rank, you even had an Insignia to prove it. Though, it wouldn't hurt to try your luck in getting on the Harbingers' radar. You wanted to become the strongest in the Fatui, even though it seemed a little far-fetched.

While wiping down your spray guns with a cloth, one of your Skirmisher comrades placed a boot on the bench you were sitting on to grab your attention.

"The Harbingers are beginning to evaluate Lieutenants now." He informed you.

Right away, you slipped your gear onto your body, fastening the tank to your back and jumping to your feet. You didn't want to keep them waiting, so you quickly made your way towards the training battlefield.

Anxious, yet fired up with excitement, you made your way into the lineup filled with the other Cryogunner Legionnaires. They made space for you by shuffling to the side. Unfortunately, there was no time for chit-chat, the whole area was now silent when a certain woman sauntered in front of the group.

La Signora, eighth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, had a seductive smile on her face as she studied each and every soldier. She had her arm mid-cross under her chest while the other one was up, her fingers curling in intrigue.

Next to her was a man who was not really dressed for the weather, though he didn't seem to be bothered by it. His foreign looks, both wardrobe and physical features, were most likely from the region of Inazuma. At first, you wondered who he was, but you knew.

Easily, you put a name to his face: Scaramouche, the sixth Fatui Harbinger. He was practically glowing with all his glory, such a strong man who has probably killed dozens. You felt intimidated by the mere presence of him.

Your heart skipped a beat when his eyes made contact with yours. Something made your body tense up like an electric shock was sent down your spine and up your back. It was a feeling you've never felt before, let alone felt towards someone you just met.

"Lieutenants," La Signora commanded, making you and the other soldiers stomp a foot on the ground attentively. "Today one of you will be selected to accompany Harbinger Scaramouche on his future missions. Do not ask why and do not refuse."

After a few minutes of listening, the young man walked in front of the line up to study each and every soldier. There was a look of disappointment and dissatisfaction on his face, his eyes rolled and he continued onward.

The trinkets dangling from his hat chimed and it echoed in the silence, each step made the see-through silk curtain sway effortlessly in the chilly wind. He was shaking his head, had a hand on his chin, and ignored almost every person he passed by.

After his walk around the group, Scaramouche returned to the front and stood next to La Signora. It felt like he wasn't a fan of any of the Cryogunner Legionnaires, maybe he would have preferred the Cicin Mages.

But to your surprise, he raised a hand and pointed. You felt your heart drop to your stomach when everyone turned their heads in your direction. At that very moment, maybe for the first time in your life, you felt hesitant to step forward.

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