The Traveller

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You stood there flabbergasted, weak to your knees and shaking in your shoes. Your face was practically turning blue as you stared in horror at the girl. Lumine locked eyes with you as she drove her sword through a Fatui Agent, tossing the man off the cliff without a second thought.

"Fire, I said!" Scaramouche shouted. "Shoot her, [Y/N]!"

The spray guns couldn't stay still, the small shaky sounds of the wires made it clear that you were hesitating. Scaramouche looked at you briefly then back at the Traveller, he pointed at her while grabbing your arm harshly.

"Are you deaf?! Shoot already!"

"It's her!" Paimon exclaimed.

"[Y/N]!" Lumine called out and dodged when an Anemoboxer swung a heavy fist. "Help me! Please!"

You were speechless, you felt like you could cry. As you stood there like a teary-eyed statue, Lumine continued to move swiftly to avoid the oncoming attacks, and then made the Boxer fall over the edge of the mountain.

Never in your life have you frozen up like this in front of an enemy. Maybe it was because you didn't see Lumine as one. You two had a heartfelt conversation about your brothers after all.

As a panic attack was slowly drowning you, the blonde reached out to you desperately, "I saved your life last night, it's time to return the favour!"

"This is nonsense!" Scaramouche snapped back, shaking the thought away from your head. "Shoot the Traveller!"

"But..." You whispered. "I must repay the debt."

"You're joking, [Y/N]!" The Harbinger replied angrily, letting go of your arm. "I swear by the Gods, if the Traveller gets away, you're going to be in a lot of pain after this! Shoot!"

"Sir, we shouldn't!" You argued back, lowering your weapons. "Lumine saved our lives last night by defeating the Treasure Hoarders who were going to ambush us in our sleep!"

"Don't start with me." He threatened.

"Debts need to be repaid, always!"

He got right up to your face, "You better watch your mouth."

"We can negotiate with her!"

You realized his large hat was towering over you as if the young man was trying to back you up against the edge of the hill, "It sounds like you want a punishment. I will humiliate you in front of everyone here. They'll watch you break into pieces when I'm done with you."

"Sir, I'm just-!"

"I cannot believe you have the nerve to talk back to me," Scaramouche grabbed your jaw to pull you forward, almost making you rise onto your tippy toes. His eyes flared angrily as he shook your head forcefully, fingers digging into your skin. "Huh? It looks like you have more to say."

You gasped and gulped at the same time, you found it hard to breathe from the way your neck was angled upwards. It looked like Scaramouche was enjoying that panicked look on your face.

"Speak, I'm listening."

Your voice failed you and you backed down like a kicked puppy, fearfully looking away and whimpering. Like before, his thumb caressed your cheek, almost lovingly. But, he was practically daring you to say something, as a way to give him a reason to punish you. This is messed up, you finally realized it.

"Hm," Finally, Scaramouche released your jaw, you could still feel his grip on your face. "That's what I thought. Know your place."

Inhaling deeply, you hung your head low in front of the Harbinger like a scolded child. You really thought you could change his mind. It wasn't as easy as you thought. You felt like you just wasted all the respect he had for you.

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