The Exorcist Must Be Purged

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His presence looms over me like a heavy fog.

I see him move when I move.

Where I go, he follows.

Like a snowstorm to a dying village.

It is meant to be.

There is only one ending.

Lord Scaramouche is my ending.


No more.

Goodbye, trio of best friends.

I should have gone with Mr. Childe...

It has only been a day since you were taken by those idiotic Treasure Hoarders. All of yesterday was just Xingqiu and Xiangling sticking close to you and taking turns standing guard. At the same time Chongyun had ventured out elsewhere, according to his friends, he left Liyue Harbour and didn't come back until early this morning. As for the Traveller, she disappeared as well. You just wish you could keep track of everyone's movements.

You used to have that kind of power when you were still the Harbinger's secretary-assistant.

The truth was: you just wanted to go home. It didn't matter how, you just needed to go back to Snezhnaya. If it was on Captain Beidou's boat, that would be fine. If it was Childe and the Northland Bank funding your trip back home, that would be awesome. If it was Scaramouche locking you in a cage and keeping you trapped in the basement of headquarters, that would be...

Anyway, it was very eerily quiet in the streets of Chihu Rock. Word of Treasure Hoarders sneaking into the Harbour spread around like wildfire on dry grass. Pretty sure everyone heard about the kidnapping of a foreign woman, the locals were even frightened by the thought of the abduction happening in plain sight. Dongsheng was even shaken up at the memory, yet his statements gave little to no help for the Millelith.

The Wanmin Restaurant had the occasional two to three guests requesting take-out but today was not that busy, which was a surprise to the chef girl. It was the afternoon, just a little bit after lunchtime. The area was quiet. There should have been more customers coming for lunch, but that wasn't the case. As weird as it sounded, Xiangling thought nothing of it and continued to clean and prepare for any potential customers.

Once again, you were sitting on a little stool next to the ablaze stove, slowly eating simple cold noodles with mountain delicacies. Xiangling gave it to you for lunch. You didn't see her make it though. It seemed to have been waiting for you at the restaurant. It was delicious.

You've been trying to eat the dish with chopsticks but you kept fumbling with the utensils and ultimately having the noodles fall short from your mouth. After being handed a fork, only then were you able to finish the meal.

At the table in front of you, a certain exorcist was sitting on a similar-looking stool, eating a slightly discoloured blue popsicle. The thing was, Lumine had shown up a few hours early and gifted you those icy treats. But being the greedy sweet tooth he was, Chongyun had made a bargain: share the popsicles and have your bounty be kept a secret. There was nothing more you could do than give in to his offer.

Yet, you kept staring at the container. The shape and size of the popsicles were the same as the original ones. The only difference was that the colour looked slightly off and they were made and sent by Lumine herself. It wasn't nice to suspect that something terrible was going on behind your back, but with everything that has been happening, you couldn't help but be on high alert. Those popsicles didn't look appetizing, yet Chongyun was munching them down like they were his last meal.

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