The Fatui Campsite

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There were bags and letters being tossed carelessly onto the muddy ground, snickers of men were heard after finding more Mora laying around. They wiped the sweat and rain from their foreheads, adjusting the masks over their mouths and placing their hands on their hips.

"Anything valuable?" One man asked.

"Just Mora..." The other replied. "Fowl, eggs, papers... Fatui Insignias...?"

"What did you say?" After hearing that last bit and glancing at the objects in his partner's hands, the male began trembling fearfully. "Lieutenant Insignias...?! This is a Fatui campsite!"

"It's just the Fatui, they're the ones here invading Liyue! We're just cleaning up the trash they left behind!" Another Treasure Hoarder insulted. "Y'know what? They should just go back to where they came from!"

"Well, well! It looks like you were right, [Y/N]! There were people trespassing our area!" Scaramouche laughed maniacally, clutching his stomach as he doubled over in laughter. "I should really start listening to you more often! Even better, I should promote you!"

The group of men were surprised by your sudden appearance behind them, growing hostile the next second. You stood there, drenched from head to toe in the rain, with your spray guns glowing a striking white colour. So, your hunch was correct; there were Treasure Hoarders coming here when no one was around, just searching for any junk lying around.

"It seems like these Treasure Hoarders ransacked my tent." You frowned after seeing a sleeping bag being stepped on by muddy boots. "I don't think I'll have a comfortable place to sleep tonight... And there isn't another campsite for miles."

"Why so gloomy, [Y/N]?" Scaramouche shook your shoulders in a joking manner. "Just because your tent is messy doesn't mean you'll be sleepless tonight! You're free to join me!"

"Another burden, I'm sorry, My Lord." You sighed sadly, raising your guns at the group of men threateningly. "You four will pay for this! You ruined everything in here!"

"Come on, girl! Show us what you got!" The tallest one challenged, raising his weapon up to his shoulder. "Wanna taste of this hammer?!"

Another man became confident and loaded his crossbow, "Ha! Nothing a little Fatui chick can do except wail about her tent! Boohoo! Get over it or else I'll give you something else to cry about!"

"Um?!" One of them meekly stood back. "Have all of you forgotten that they're Fatui?!"

"They look just about harmless and weak! Especially you, girl!" Potion bottles were pulled out of a Treasure Hoarders' jacket as he pointed directly at you. "Just wait 'till you get a load of these!"

"[Y/N]," Scaramouche spun you around to turn away from the conflict. He had a terrifying smile on his face as he looked at you with sympathy. "Why don't you wait for me in my tent? Make yourself comfortable. I'll just have a word with these guys."

Before you were going to ask if it was really alright, you decided not to because of that scary look he was making. The way his eyes were fixated sharply, even sent shivers down your spine. So, you nodded politely and started the quest right away.

You ignored the calls from the Treasure Hoarders, they kept asking for a fight with you but your superior drew their attention to himself. You just wanted to leave the area as quickly as possible, you knew Scaramouche got quite violent when it came to combat (even if it was recruitment training for new Fatui members!).

After walking through the rain for a few more seconds, you finally spotted another tent that looked a little beaten up. (Usually, the Harbinger's tent was right next to yours, but it seemed like it was ransacked too and you just happened to find a different one).

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