The Cruelest of Them All

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After that scary Overload explosion, the Traveller's party figured it would be best if you went back inside the Wangsheng Funeral Parlour to rest. So, funeral director Hu Tao was called and she quickly made her way towards the edge of the Harbour.

As the sun began to set, you were taken by the Pyro user and escorted up the stairs and back into the building you were staying in (obviously while half covering your face since the Northland Bank was above your head). It didn't help to know that both the guards, Vlad and Nadia, were out patrolling.

Seeing that you were perfectly safe with Hu Tao, Lumine felt like half her worries were taken care of. So, the Traveller (plus her floating companion) set off on another journey. The mission: locate and convince Captain Beidou to send you back home.

Xiangling also felt relieved to know that you were back in hiding. In order to make herself feel better, she figured it would help calm her nerves if she went back to the Wanmin Restaurant and cooked herself her favourite meal. She was finally calling it a day.

Xingqiu, as well, wanted to feel reassured that your health was just fine. But, he couldn't shake off the sight of your nose dripping with blood and your eyes almost going red. So, instead of heading back with Xiangling or going to Wanwen Bookhouse, he went to Bubu Pharmacy to look for more herbal remedies for headaches and nausea. Later, continuing the support in the morning.

All that was left was Liyue's exorcist, Chongyun, standing alone by the table where the scary scene unfolded. He wasn't moving, for some reason. The young man was just standing still, staring uninterestedly at the ground - looking guilty.

Like he was caught trying to rob the Northland Bank, Chongyun's face was almost turning a sickly green. He felt stuck in place, unable to move as if there was someone from the thinning crowd watching him. Still, although anxious, he furrowed his eyebrows and frowned deeply.

Two older men and a woman appeared behind the Cryo user, one had a heavy blacksmith hammer and the other had a crossbow at his side. Dark masks covered their faces and if it wasn't obvious enough, locals who were passing by could probably guess that some unwanted intruders made their way past the Millelith guards.

They didn't seem like they were looking for a fight - it didn't seem like they were willing to attack the exorcist. Even if it was three against one, Chongyun didn't bother to turn around to face them. He was just... quiet.

The lady with the dark brown braid crossed her arms over her chest, muttering emotionlessly, "We saw that Fatui soldier in the Harbour."

Chongyun shook his head in denial, "Please, leave me alone."

The hammer was raised onto the Crusher's shoulder as the man challenged, "We had a deal."

"And I said I didn't want to be a part of it anymore."

"You can't back out on this, kid!" The Marksman seemed to have reached behind himself to grab a hold of his weapon. "Like you promised, give us the girl!"

The woman raised her hand to make the men stand down, her gaze on the exorcist was stoically dead, "You said to me and my men that you were going to give us that wanted Fatui soldier in exchange for ceasing the stealing of treasure - as well as protection for your two friends. Remember? When you were in the middle of throwing your tantrum in the forest and stabbing your claymore into trees because of that Fatui girl, we made a deal."

"That was a long time ago!" Chongyun suddenly shouted, turning around to yell at the group. "I changed my mind! No more sneaking around, I quit! I don't care what you guys do, just please don't take [Y/N] away!"

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