The Reunion of Your Dreams

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The sounds of rushing water were filling your ears to the point where all you could hear was muffled violence. Waves were crashing, overpowering the icy surface and shattering the glass into millions of sharp shards. Your body, for the first time, felt so cold.

You could hear all these things happening all at once, screaming, weapons clashing, cries of your name. Yet, at the same time, you were unmoving, still as a statue. In this dreamlike state, you were starting to think it was the only time you really felt at peace.

The dreams you dreamt always felt empty, like something was missing, left out. As if you had memories that were purposefully being blocked from you remembering them. Even your nightmares seemed to be filtered as well. That, to you, scared you the most. Were those thoughts so horrific that it would be better to completely erase them from your mind?

"With those lame clothes, you look like a wannabe traveller that would get lost on their way to Stone Gate."

In the middle of the chaos rattling in your eardrums, Scaramouche's snarky comments happened to pull you back to your senses. As cliche as it sounds, you couldn't help but feel your heart slip up its rhythmic pounding from hearing his voice, turning you into a breathless mess.

"I really want to tear it off you... I can't explain how it makes me feel... you look like you don't belong to me anymore." His voice waved, yet rose the slightest and you knew he was smiling longingly. "Ah, I'm getting more annoyed just imagining it."

"Your words are very harsh, sir..."

It was barely a surprise at this point, Scaramouche appeared to you in yet another dream. Though, you will admit you were a little shocked by the docileness of his actions. This time, he wasn't doing anything violent or lashing out at you. It didn't look like he was going to hit you, throw you to the ground, or hold you by the neck. He was just... standing in front of you with his hands behind his back, calm like the moments before a storm.

How sad. You only felt safe with the Scaramouche in your dreams. At least you knew that there was no way you could die here, that was the most reassuring thing so far. The man you saw in front of you was full of pride, was calculating every action - every word, he was perfect in every way possible. In your dreams.

"Do you miss me?" He began to grumble when he saw your silent response. "Don't you dare shake your head. I want you to use your words, tell me that you missed me. Make things easier for the both of us and just speak. I need to know how terribly sick you are without me so I could learn more of your weaknesses."

"I miss you so much, my Lord... so much, I could tell my health is also being affected..." There was no use in denying it. From the tone of your voice, even the most oblivious person would understand how sincere your feelings were. "Do you miss me too, sir?"

His eyes lost their shine as a wistful expression dawned over his features. It looked like Scaramouche was caught in the middle of being angry and emotionless. A scoff came out from him, "What do you think, you stupid girl."

Ashamed of hearing his answer, you sucked in your teeth and forced yourself to shut up. You felt stupid. You felt like a dumbass. What sane person would be fantasizing about meeting the very person who wants to take you away from this world? Were you some kind of masochist? You were starting to fear the worst for yourself.

"I'm teasing...! You should have seen the look on your face." Scaramouche laughed wholeheartedly, his eyes arching happily as he smiled. "Would I be sending out such dangerous things if I didn't miss you? Why do you think you haven't died yet? I'm not trying to kill you, [Y/N], I just want you to come back."

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