The Dream You Forgot (PART II)

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"My Lord," You knocked four times on the dark wooden door. "If you're not busy, can we talk for a moment?"

"Sure, come in."

The barracks were quiet and the hallways were dark. Every soldier has retired for the night and the only ones left awake were the occasional guards standing by the main posts of the basecamp and a certain Fatui Harbinger in his office. You, on the other hand, were supposed to be in your office as well to get ready for bed but, you just couldn't shut your eyes without seeing the image of your brother's body on the snow.

For the past few hours, you secluded yourself inside your office pretending to be hard at work. However, you were doing quite the opposite. You were pacing back and forth around the perimeter of the room, with your head in your hands as you fought back tears. There came a time when the usual roll-call for dinner but even that didn't make you get out of your office.

After a few more hours of thinking and strategizing a way to speak with your boss, you finally came up with a plan. From the weapons rack, you took both of your spray guns and harnessed them to their appropriate places on your hips. Never in your life did you think you would have to do something as drastic as this... but there was always a price that had to be paid if you messed with someone's family.

The wonderful thing about having a Cryo Vision is that you're able to operate your spray guns without the use of a Cryo tank. The tank is not for show, however, it's to control the Cryo energy being fed into the guns. You can fire sharp and explosive shots of ice bullets at targets without a problem, but the tank allows you to spray your enemies with the everlasting Snezhnayan frost to give the victim a more slow and painful death.

So, here you were, inside Harbinger Scaramouche's office with your guns at your hips and without your Cryo tank. You slowly shut the door behind yourself and felt your stomach drop the moment you heard the knob click. Although your offices were connected with one door (separated by a single wall), you felt like you stepped into new, unwelcoming, territory.

It never failed to amaze you how beautifully designed Scaramouche's workspace was: there was a shelf full of books behind the desk, a crackling fireplace on the right side of the room, and a hat-stand in the far left corner (there rested his beautiful headwear). Blue moonlight shined through the small spaces of the curtains and you could tell that it must be absolutely freezing outside.

In the back, sitting comfortably in his luxurious chair, was a very much awake, and hatless, Scaramouche. It was the end of the day, surely he must be the least bit tired, but nope, his dark eyes show no signs of wanting to sleep. He noticed you staring and finally set down a fountain pen into the pencil holder to the side, waiting for something to happen.

Your gaze shifted to his desk and you saw a tall stack of papers waiting to be read and signed. Almost automatically, you frowned at the sight and shook your head, "Sir, I asked to speak with you if you're not busy... Clearly, there's still plenty of paperwork that needs to be finished."

"I can always find the time to continue with my work. As you can see, I'm giving you my full attention... Isn't that so nice of me?" Scaramouche entwined his fingers and rested his chin on the back of his hands, grinning with subtle charm. "Speaking to you is much more entertaining than reading these boring documents."

You felt the distance between you and Scaramouche's desk shrink. Not only were you having a go at his poor work attitude, but it completely backfired the moment he said his flirtatious retort. There must be a way to make him at least a little self-cautious. He must have a weakness that just needed to be uncovered. And you had to find it quickly.

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