The Treasure Hoarders

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The mornings in Liyue Harbour are lively.

With the merchants opening their shops, they're bound to draw in the usual market-goers who make their daily purchases. Many of the locals are already bustling so early in the day, it's kind of obvious to point out those who clearly dislike working in the morning hours.

Well, it wasn't like you hated working the moment the sun rose. It's just that you hated having someone jump on your bed to wake you up - only to dump a load of chores onto your shoulders.

"Since when did I turn into some errand girl?!" You weren't even given the chance to argue.

Hu Tao had just given you a list of things to do while she was gone outside the city. You on the other hand were left with the responsibility to get decorations for an upcoming funeral (unfortunately, not the Geo Archon's). It was of a Millelith guard who died in the line of duty. Though, you saw this coming. The Director was kind enough to let you seek refuge in the Parlour, it was only fair if you did something in return, right?

Well, you were used to getting ordered around by Scaramouche to get his materials and such, but this was just way too much.

As you were getting changed to your casual Liyue clothing, you happened to glance down at the paper and finally read what she had planned for your day. Clearly horrified by the tasks, you knew you needed help.

So, you called the trio of best friends for some assistance. Once all three of them heard your cry for help, they met up in front of the Funeral Parlour doors. (Lumine had gone on another quest for Captain Beidou and one of her right-hand men: an Inazuman young man if you could recall properly).

Anyway, back to the task at hand... you were waving the parchment paper angrily and explaining your situation to the group.

"I can't do any of these! Look: ask the Millelith for the fallen soldier's armour and weapon, the moment they see me I'll be arrested! Go to the Northland Bank and ask for a small loan of five thousand Mora under the Millelith's name, I'm going to be recognized again! Check if Ivanovich the merchant finally restocked his ores - if not, go find another merchant for Cor Lapis, Ivanovich knows who I am! I collected a debt from him once, I'm sure he remembers the fact that I tried to shoot him!"

In the middle of your fiery rant, the three adventurers leaned back a little to stare at you with caution.

"Oh," You suddenly became calm. "I can do this one: buy rice."

There was an awkward gust of wind over the party.

"Okay," Xingqiu began, a plan was already put together in his brain. "How about we all split the work equally? Not only will we get everything done at the same time, but dear [Y/N]'s safety will be guaranteed!"

Xiangling raised Guoba's paw, "I'll talk to the Millelith!"

Xingqiu crossed his arms happily, "I will visit the Northland Bank."

"I guess I'll speak with Ivanovich." Chongyun shrugged.

"Rice." You shook your head quickly. "I mean nice... Thank you, everyone, I'm grateful to have you guys as such wonderful comrades."

All three of them stared at you for a couple of seconds before smiling at your kind words. Xiangling and Guoba had sparkles of excitement around them as they happily saw you as a true friend. Xingqiu shined brightly with his signature boyish grin plastered on his face, hearing that you were comfortable with the friend group was great news to him. Chongyun on the other hand, had tears in his eyes as he tried his absolute best to hold his laughter at your verbal mix-up.

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