The Scaramouche That Loved You (PART I)

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When two people teeter on the fence of madness, it's almost as if those wavelengths of delusion meet - causing both individuals to sync into each other's derangement.


"No matter how often the Traveller occupies my mind, I never would have thought that I would be mere moments away from battling her."

"Enough sulking, Tartaglia, we already have enough problems on our hands."

Scaramouche's words had little effect on Childe's hesitant attitude towards this upcoming duel. Despite the younger Harbinger's shocking declaration of desecrating the Exuvia's corpse, Childe had the expression of a soldier who was just about to set foot in a war zone.

"I just received word from agent Felix that the Millelith are investigating the Wangsheng Funeral Parlour... right after I went there with my soldiers." Scaramouche huffed in frustration as he read from the report. "The Tianquan, Ningguang, has begun to crack down on the Fatui stationed within the Harbour. We better find this Gnosis before they find us here."

There was a slight echo in the walls of the Golden House, it even picked up Childe's soft grumbling. It didn't help that they practically infiltrated the mint. At any moment, they could be outnumbered by Millelith soldiers and eventually arrested - and both Harbingers agreed that it would be quite embarrassing to ask La Signora to bail them out of the government's prison.

Or worse, and most likely, they would have to battle against the Traveller and her loyal party.

"Also, your backup plan is too high-stakes, even for me." Scaramouche reprimanded, though cautious of his tone. "I suggest leaving that as a last resort. I would rather clean up one corpse than a whole city of them."

A replica of the Sigils of Permission was within Childe's tense grasp, "Hey, I don't want to do this either, but knowing Lumine - how exceptionally viciously she fights... I feel more comfortable having at least some sort of backup."

"I'm sure the day when you finally put aside your feelings for the Traveller, I will have a beating, human heart." There was a twinge of forced humour in Scaramouche's voice before he frowned and scoffed in irritation.

"Hmph," Childe then countered. "Maybe having a beating, human heart would've salvaged your failed relationship."

This time, Scaramouche's scoff was of denial.

There was no room in the Harbingers' schedules to bicker amongst one another like little boys quarrelling. After all, the Golden House was as silent as a ghost town.

But he couldn't even focus on reading the paper in his hands.

Scaramouche never would have thought that he would be stuck in the mint with no one other than a fellow harbinger - probably the worst part of it was the fact that Childe was behind this whole thing.

Though, a little bit of context wouldn't hurt. A few hours ago, La Signora reported to both Childe and Scaramouche that the Geo Archon's Gnosis was hidden within the Exuvia's corpse. It only took a few months, casually breaking the bank, and losing a secretary to finally get information about that stupid Gnosis - as Scaramouche would put it.

Realistically, they only got information of its location, not pinpoint exactly where it was hidden. That's one thing that annoyed Scaramouche the most. That and the fact that his secretary had gone to the wind.

By now, Scaramouche tried to imagine it, the both of you would have stormed the Golden House together. Probably holding hands and skipping towards the Exuvia to pry the Gnosis out of its cold dead claws - maybe rose petals would be swirling in the wind? Nevertheless, it would've been a cause of celebration, how he yearned to drink with you again.

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