The Ten Million Mora Bounty

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The elapsed time gave you the opportunity to focus on who to blame.

Mostly because you didn't have much to think about as you were practically being dragged against your own will outside the city. The tightness of the rope around your arms and legs made your limbs go numb with dread, it wasn't a pleasant feeling to have especially from how this was all avoidable. Moreover, the dusty hemp bag that was over your head made it extra difficult to breathe, even a small inhale was enough to make your throat go dry.

It was surprising that the Treasure Hoarders, out of all the factions in Teyvat, were the only ones to successfully kidnap you. Honestly, you weren't an easy target to begin with, but with all the secrets that were suddenly appearing into light they were not making things better for yourself. You could say that everything with your brother, your boss, and your planned trip back home (plus the Traveller and the trio of best friends), were your biggest weaknesses and distractions. The Treasure Hoarders were just third-party annoyances.

How long would it take for the Traveller's party to realize that I was taken...? Maybe they wouldn't even notice. That wouldn't be a surprise, you felt like they were better off without you anyway. Not only did you feel out of place, you felt like a burden. You used to be so useful, so reliable, but you left that life behind. People used to look up to you and respect you... but maybe only because you worked directly under one of the most feared Fatui Harbingers.

You repressed the urge to let out a groan of pain when you were suddenly thrown to the ground and forcefully rolled onto your stomach. Even with a cloth wrapped tightly around your mouth (they had gagged you a while back since you kept threatening them to release you), you let out harsh words at the rough treatment. Obviously, the men who threw you down didn't seem to even care.

From the fuzzy silhouettes you could make out through the hemp bag, you could just about tell that there were other people standing over where you were laying. More Treasure Hoarders you were assuming. If you weren't tied up with all these tricky knotted ropes, you would have fought your way back to freedom - even without your spray guns.

"We got that murderer's little girlfriend." That snobbish-sounding voice belonged to that jerk that smacked you right on the butt, Li Dang. "She might have gotten away with throwing the first punch but I'd like to say that she came with me without any refusal!"

The surrounding men applauded, some even let out intrigued whistles at the sight of you on the ground.

"That tip Bao'er gave us was true..." That cowardly brother, Li Ding, was stuttering after every word. "I can't believe it... We should probably hold onto this soldier until she comes... I think we should find somewhere to hide before the Fatui shows up..."

"Everything is going according to plan! Once Harbinger Scaramouche falls for the bait, we'll capture him like how we did with his secretary! He seems to really like her, it'll be like hitting two birds with one stone! Though, we still have to be cautious when we ambush him. I still remember the day he fought our strongest men and won. We'll strike him down while he's not looking."

"Mhm?!" Your words were muffled by the cloth in your mouth. Hearing them speak so carelessly about their future actions was enough to put you on edge. There were too many things that were happening at the same time: What were the Treasure Hoarders going to do with you? It didn't seem like they were ready to kill you yet. Was Lord Scaramouche actually coming?

"Shut up!"

A kick to your stomach was enough to silence you, for now. Your back folded as you felt yourself cough against the cloth gag. All you could do was let out an uncomfortable groan and let the pain linger a little longer before it ultimately subsided, this was going to be a long day.

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