The Dream You Forgot (PART I)

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Your mouth already felt as dry as the desert when you shakily brought the Pyro treat up to your lips. The sheer hotness radiating off the red tablet was enough to make your eyes water and your nose start to run. You were pretty sure that you could probably walk around all of Snezhnaya with this food concoction as a heat source.

The entirety of Lumine's party were on the edges of their seats, eyes fully wide open as they anticipated the moment you ingested the Pyro medication. Xiangling didn't know if she should be excited or fearful about you taste-testing her invention. Xingqiu sat up as straight as he could, his book was open and half-covering his face in nervousness. Chongyun was on standby, ready to shove a popsicle into your mouth in case the worst scenario happens.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" The Traveller prompted.

"Yes." Your eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

She pressed on, "You could get seriously hurt... Though, I truly admire your strength, [Y/N]... Wouldn't it be better if we experimented with the medication more rather than having you take it right now...?"

"I believe I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't have the horrible side effects of Lord Scaramouche's brainwashing... I'm doing this to save my big brother... You should understand, Lumine... It's always family first where I'm from."

Right after that little speech you made, you popped the Pyro treat into your mouth, causing everyone to tense up. All forms of sweet, sour, and spice just exploded all over your tastebuds and you couldn't help but make an ill-contorted face out of uneasiness while squeezing your eyes shut.

You chewed on it for a few seconds, trying to ignore the growing metallic slimy substance building up in your mouth and crunchy pieces between your teeth. While clenching both of your fists, you managed to swallow the treat before you got too uncomfortable, a sigh of relief left you out of breath.

Parting your eyes open, you slowly lifted your gaze up to glance at your friends. Surprisingly, you felt indifferent, not too hot and not too cold. Your face was still intact and you didn't feel any weird pangs of pain in your stomach, even your brain felt just fine. Disappointingly, you were starting to think that the candy medication was some kind of placebo effect.

"Sweet and sour... yet overall spicy enough for me to handle it, which is weird... I don't think it worked..." The moment you spoke those words, the party gasped in horror, almost jumping back.

Xiangling slapped her hands over her face in mortification and Guoba latched onto the chef girl's leg to find higher ground. The bookworm hesitantly threw his book onto the table and reached into his pocket to shakily pull out a handkerchief. Chongyun even began chanting in Liyuen some kind of exorcising prayer- now you were deeply concerned.

"What's wrong...?!"

You didn't seem to notice the blood slowly dripping from your nose and the way it slid down your lips. To everyone, your sudden nosebleed looked quite horrifying since you were staring at the group so cluelessly. Plus, their fear was doubled knowing that the elemental reactions inside your head might have caused an Overload discharge.

Bringing your hand up to your face and cautiously wiping both nostrils, liquid crimson stuck to the back of your thumb and felt fiery against your skin. Confused and growing disturbed, you quickly looked back at the trio, yet their faces looked blurred with red and purple.

Hot steam whistled from your ears and immediately, you slapped your hand over your mouth to mute a pained whine. Now, the Pyro effect was kicking in, fighting with the Electro shocks in your brain which resulted in continuous neurotic explosions.

Not only was your nose bleeding heavily, but you were also starting to taste iron on your tongue. Honestly, you tried to remain calm, but Xiangling's panicked crying, Xingqiu's muttering about the medication, and Chongyun's choruses of evil-repellent mantras were not making things better for yourself.

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