The Truth Revealed

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That night, your first kiss was stolen by someone unexpected. A Harbinger, of all people, your very boss. What was Scaramouche thinking? Did he know that his actions would spiral into something out of his control?

You can still feel his delicate hands on you, the same hands that have most likely ended multiple lives. It was a mystery to you, you really thought that there was no romantic tension between you two. But you hated to admit that you didn't mind it.

Maybe the Gods have destined Scaramouche to enter into your life, perhaps your good karma is catching up with you. It felt really nice, his soft touches and quiet voice. Surely, you were the only woman who has experienced this side of him. Scaramouche is a very reserved man, after all. Maybe he did love you back.

A sound from outside the tent jolted you awake. Your eyes snapped open and they were quick to adjust to the dim lighting, you took a glance at your surroundings. But you couldn't exactly see anything from the position you were in.

There was an arm wrapped securely around your neck and someone's collarbone was right in front of you. Once you were aware of the close proximity you were with Scaramouche's body, your face turned into a brilliant shade of red. Your arm, as well, was under his, holding onto his clothing tightly.

"S... Someone's outside..." You whispered in bewilderment. As you went to get up, you found yourself stuck.

Like some sort of deathtrap, when you tried to separate from the Harbinger only to be pulled back in closer than before. In the process of trying to escape upwards, you were doomed for failure. It was no use because now Scaramouche was clinging onto you, his face inching closer to your breasts.

"Sir, I think there's someone outside..." You whispered, shaking him slightly in attempts to alert him. "Sir...?"

His eyebrows furrowed slightly as he retreated further into the pillow. A relaxed expression was now on his face as he continued to enjoy whatever dream he was dreaming. Now that you think about it, he looked no better than a spoiled kid!

You were becoming frustrated, "My Lord, I have to check it out, I think we're in danger."

There was still no response from him, he was looking defenceless and unbothered, without a care in the world. The Treasure Hoarders could be coming back with more members and your boss wouldn't even notice!

"My Lord, Scaramouche...!" You pleaded, saying his name desperately.

He didn't even move a muscle. Scaramouche was already out cold. At this point, you didn't know what else to do. There were no orders for you to carry out because your superior was currently cuddling up to your body like you were some sort of teddy bear.

Already, you were biting your nails anxiously as you glanced at both the young man and the entrance of the tent. Never in your life have you done something without direct instructions from the Harbinger but you had no choice.

You decided it was best to go without him.

Like a rigid snake, you carefully slipped out of Scaramouche's grasp and replaced the empty space with a pillow as a body double. He immediately trapped the cushion under his arm and relaxed, holding it captive until it was time to wake up.

With your ears perked up and tracking the small noises you were hearing, you slowly pushed the curtains away. As you slipped outside the tent to scout the area, you were welcomed with a fairly peaceful Liyuen scenery.

The sun hasn't even risen yet and it was a little chilly. There was a mist coating the ground, the swaying grass still has watery remnants of the thunderstorm last night. This after-rain smell was very comforting. It was the type of weather that you enjoyed other than gentle snowfall.

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