The Trio of Best Friends

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After crossing the stone road, you and Scaramouche crept towards the Wanmin Restaurant. You glanced around swiftly, making sure that there were no signs of the Millelith present. Your superior even commented positively on your attentiveness, you always loved it when he praised you.

Speaking of your surroundings; you noticed that there were clouds slowly making their way to cover the shining sun. There was about a fifty-fifty percent chance that it was going to start raining. You really hoped that wasn't the case since it could be a burden to the mission of locating the Traveller.

In front of you; two people were present in the Wanmin Restaurant. There was a boy sitting on a high legged-chair who was reading a book and a girl standing on the other side of the table attempting to speak with him. You could assume that the boy was a customer and the girl was working for the business.

You and Scaramouche walked up to the building and stood back to watch them interact. From the way they were talking to one another, it was obvious that they were close friends.

"Ah! Are you two here to try some of the cheap and tasty Chop Suey?!" The chef girl greeted with a warm smile. "You guys are lucky coming today! We have a couples' discount!"

"Well, doesn't that sound lovely?!" Scaramouche rested his elbow on the table and looked at you with sly eyes, smirking charmingly. "We'll order two meals!"

You stood there mildly confused, glancing at the chef then back at the Harbinger. We don't have any Mora on us... was what you wanted to say.

Suddenly, Scaramouche tugged you by the wrist and pulled you towards him. Stumbling from the force, you landed softly against his chest and instantly felt your heart rate pick up at this sudden development. His hands rested comfortably on your waist as if it were second nature, Scaramouche looked unbothered through the whole thing.

"You're hungry, aren't you? My darling?" There was a quick wink as the young man laughed at your bashfulness.

"Ah... Yes, I am..." You caught on to his plan and nodded at the girl. It always impressed you to see Scaramouche coming up with things so quickly and easily. Already, he created a cover for you and him to mask your Fatui identities.

The girl giggled happily, "Well, I'm Xiangling, your chef for today! And this is Xingqiu, don't mind him, he just sits here and reads!"

"Nice to meet you two," You greeted, turning to the blue-haired boy who just closed his book down onto the table. "I'm excited for lunch."

Xingqiu smiled with closed eyes, "Hello to you too, I would like to say that I admire the style of your outfits. They're definitely from outside Liyue."

"Hm? You think so?" There was a slight twitch of Scaramouche's eyebrow out of annoyance and his grip on your waist became a tad harder.

You simply ignored the boy's comment and Xiangling joyfully skipped off to the back of the kitchen. As you watched the chef walk away, you noticed two weapons leaning against the wall; a polearm and a sword. There was a quick thought in your mind, these could belong to these two people. It would be smart not to get into a fight with them.

"So, may I ask where you're from? I'm afraid I haven't seen you around the Harbour." Xingqiu asked, the hand on his book slowly forming into a fist.

"We're tourists from Inazuma!" Scaramouche smiled, lying as naturally as he breathed. "My, you seem so hostile towards outsiders! Haha!"

You admired how fast your superior could make up an excuse right on his feet. It was quite amazing how well and how easy it came out of him. Sometimes you wondered if he too was putting on a facade towards you. There were instances when you would get confused about his thoughts, like; what were his true feelings?

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