The Fatal Bargain

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Scaramouche trained you thoroughly on what to do in the case you got arrested by the Millelith. Even though your chances of getting caught were slim, he was very strict and made sure that you had his instructions embedded deeply into your head. So, of course, you were remembering the lessons during this stressful time.

Firstly, he told you to never give out any information about the Fatui's missions or future plans. If you were asked to give the locations of the Fatui campsites or the displaced bases around Teyvat, never speak a word, never show weakness.

Secondly, if the guards end up resorting to torturing you for answers, just take it and make sure not to expose any secrets no matter how much you were in pain. He said the Tsaritsa would even enjoy watching you endure the pain, for your everlasting love of the Cryo Archon and the nation of Snezhnaya.

Finally, the last ever resort, if you were kept as a prisoner for life, was to kill yourself. Scaramouche said that your sacrifice would not be in vain and he would have preferred if you died by your own hands than the enemy. He glorified the idea, it was almost a good ending for all of your pain. So, suicide has always been in the back of your mind - floating aimlessly in that clouded brain of yours.

As you and Lumine's team members were walking into Liyue Harbour, there was a last-minute change of plans. The trio figured it would be easier to sneak you into the city through the south-most entrance but it sort of took longer than you thought.

Because now, you were caught in another situation.

At the moment, you were staring at a tall wooden post filled with all kinds of flyers and paper advertisements. Fear washed over your body as you slowly reached out in front of you to rip a slip of parchment from the pillar. Your eyes ran over the inked words and immediately, a shaky sigh left your lips.

"Lumine..." You whispered breathlessly as you handed her the paper. The blonde took it from your hand.

Everyone surrounded the Traveller and looked down at what she was reading, peering over curiously. Right then and there, they all reacted in the same way: whipping their heads to stare back at you out of panic, their faces turning pale with horror.

It was a wanted poster for you and Scaramouche, you hated to admit that you were a little bit surprised. It read: A Snezhnayan female and an Inazuman male are wanted for suspected connections to Rex Lapis' assassination during the Rite of Descension. Both are affiliated with the Fatui and are a highly dangerous duo, approach with caution. Please contact the Millelith to provide any further information. A reward will be granted among arrests.

You thought that the journey would end the moment you found safe haven in Liyue Harbour. It hurt to know that there was more danger lurking in the city and unbelievably, you were starting to think it was safer to stay outside.

Xiangling withered gloomily, "Oh crap, they're going to recognize [Y/N]...!"

Lumine raised her eyes from the parchment paper and smiled crookedly, "Don't worry, we just have to pretend that everything is normal."

"My liege," Xingqiu made his way beside the blonde, a serious expression on his face. "I'm sure this message is posted everywhere. Plus, we have no clue how long it's been up, the locals must have [Y/N]'s description memorized by now."

"That's a possibility..." Lumine sighed.

"Traveller, it's too dangerous." Chongyun insisted. "There has to be another way to sneak her in. Another way that would guarantee my and my friends' safety as well... I don't want to be arrested for helping the Fatui."

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