The Northland Bank

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"Greetings, my Lord!" The Fatui agent bowed.

"Just shut up and let us in!" Scaramouche yelled back, practically shoving the other man to force his way into the building.

After running in the dreadful rain and almost slipping off the stairs, you and your superior finally made it to the last destination of your mission.

The big doors opened and you entered the Northland Bank, dozens of Fatui members stopped what they were doing and lowered their heads respectively the moment they saw Scaramouche stomp into the lobby. You glanced around at the many drawers, lit lamps, and barred vaults, it's been a while since you've been in this place and it never failed to impress you.

Anyway, you followed the young man up the stairs, down the hallway, and in front of the office doors. Scaramouche didn't even bother knocking, he roughly grabbed onto the knob and turned it violently without a care in the world. He stepped in and impatiently took your arm to drag you in with him, not wasting even a second and slamming the door right behind you.

The prying ears of the Fatui members were blocked and privacy was finally provided. You stood up straight like a line when the young man seemed to trap you between the wooden door and his body. After a moment of taking in a deep breath, you saw that Scaramouche separated and turned to glare at what was behind him.

There, on the other side of the room, a tall figure stood up from his desk and made his way around. A small creak was heard when the person leaned back against it, crossing his arms over his chest and sighing.

Scaramouche stepped to the side and had a staredown with the other man. Your superior made a quick motion with his hand, signalling you to prepare your weapon. Following his unspoken order, you had your grip tightly on the guns' holsters.

"Well, well, if it isn't Scaramouche and secretary-assistant [Y/N]. I'm so used to seeing you two together already." Childe greeted and smiled in disbelief. "And I see you guys got caught in the rain, would you like to go dry off in the other room?"

The moment Scaramouche snapped his fingers, you aimed at the other man with your spray guns glowing with elemental energy.

"Woah, okay..." Childe laughed tensely, raising his hands up as nonchalantly as he could. "Come on, I'm innocent. I've done nothing wrong."

Water dripped from Scaramouche's hat and landed splat on the floor, the silence was almost deafening. You could practically feel his anger radiating in the air, it was not a pleasant thing to experience.

"What have you been doing for the past few days?" Scaramouche asked in the calmest voice he could. "We've heard from locals that the Traveller was seen with a tall, rich, ginger guy on a date. Do you have any explanations, Childe."

It wasn't a question, it was a flat out order. Scaramouche declared an answer for what we heard from that chef girl in the Wanmin Restaurant. It wasn't some kind of community rumour, the people of Liyue rarely lie about the Traveller's deeds. So, could it be true that the Eleventh Fatui Harbinger took her out on a date?

"Oh, that's funny. I also heard from the commotion outside that they spotted not one, but two Fatui members near the Harbour." Childe exclaimed sarcastically. "Running away from the Millelith? Jeez, I haven't heard that one before."

"Do not change the subject." Scaramouche scoffed. "We made a deal and you deliberately broke it. I told you to give me any intel about the Traveller right away. While [Y/N] and I went to Hell and back for information, you took the girl out for lunch. This is treason."

There was a heavy sigh from Childe, it seemed like he gave up the act after being caught red-handed. Though he didn't admit it out loud, you could tell he was guilty of what Scaramouche listed.

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