The Severity of Betrayal

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Scaramouche touched the sleeve of his arm gently. It was the same place you grabbed onto when he tried to pull away from the kiss. He remembers it all too well, maybe he even thinks about it from time to time.

Still sitting on a chair in a Fatui tent, the young man continued to think deeply about his next steps. There was a lot to plan, if he really wanted to get his precious secretary back from the clutches of that damn Traveller, there will have to be a little bit of dirty play.

Anyway, every wooden crate in the camp was already broken and laid to waste. Obviously, Scaramouche had left the cleaning up to the Fatui recruits who really don't have the option to refuse.

At random times of the day, there would be a few violent outbursts where a barrel or even a tree would be blown to bits from the Electro bursts of his hands. Doing that too much was bound to injure Scaramouche sooner or later, but he couldn't seem to care. The pain was almost deserved.

Pulling Scaramouche out of his dark thoughts, he noticed that there was someone walking towards his tent. Once again, the curtains of the tent were pulled open as another Harbinger stepped in. Concerned and looking frightened, a certain Snezhnayan male daringly walked up to Scaramouche.

"You are trying to kill her," Childe said breathlessly. "You're really trying to kill her...!"

"I'm not," Scaramouche replied. "I just sent out a little surprise for [Y/N]."

"Well, I think it's overkill. How will she come back if you're going to send that thing after her?!"

"She'll learn her lesson to never leave me again."

"You're crazy," Childe shook his head out of disbelief. "Even I wouldn't try to hurt [Y/N], she doesn't deserve any of this."

"She betrayed me. Now she's walking around Liyue like she did nothing wrong. Like she never even cared about me at all!"

"Did you forget why we're here in the first place?" Childe asked for an answer. "Y'know, Rex Lapis' Gnosis isn't going to find itself! We have to get moving, we need to hurry up and take it away. The Tsaritsa does not like waiting."

"The Gnosis mission can wait!" Scaramouche argued back, leaning against his seat menacingly. "First, I'll capture my darling secretary and lock her away! Then, I want to see the look on [Y/N]'s face when I kill the Traveller right in front of her-"

"No!" Childe suddenly shouted which resulted in Scaramouche shooting a deadly glare in his direction. The Hydro user felt a cold sweat drape over his neck as he cleared his throat. "I think we should keep secretary [Y/N] and the Traveller alive for now... because it would be easier to have them together at one place at a time..."

There was a deafening pause.

Childe finally finished his sentence, "Because it would be much more efficient capturing them that way."

"So, we can all contribute to the death of the Traveller," Scaramouche concluded. "Great idea, Childe."

His gaze fell to the floor as he lamely let out a shaky sigh, "Yes, we will kill her... And then lock up secretary [Y/N] in a cage, just for you."

Scaramouche chuckled lowly as if he was excited from the mere thought. The younger Harbinger stood there tensely as he watched helplessly as the other man began laughing maniacally.

Imagine that! Scaramouche relished the idea of finally keeping you locked away for his service only. He was obviously pissed off at the interrupted confession, that and overall the cold betrayal. He just wanted to tell you about his feelings, only to realize that you never wanted to return them.

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